Coach Anderson Vows ......

It’s announced the Hogs and Mizzou BB game this Sat is a sell out, per Demo Gazette.
In today’s paper, Coach Anderson stated “I’m looking forward to our guys really improving
upon their performance the other night”. Anderson said " That was not a typical Razorback
performance and we vow to make sure that people see the real Razorbacks when we play
So did Coach Anderson just draw “The Line On The Court” ?? If the Hogs don’t win and win
convincingly, has he exposed his inability to Coach the Hogs?

Dunno, we’ll see Saturday. I was at the LSU game and it was miserable.

This is about the most irrational post I have ever seen on this board. Typical of what one would generally see on Hogville.

It is fair to question Mike Anderson’s coaching prowess. What’s not fair about it? Yeah, he does ok. But has he ever won big at Arkansas? Not really. Hasn’t even gotten to the Sweet 16 here. He seems to be doing better, and I’m not saying he should be fired. But his team has crapped the bed as we’ve see in recent games. I am not sure develops tough players – mentally tough, that is. I think Nolan did because he coached tough. I think his players had to practice and play in a tough environment. Mike is not weak, mind you, but Nolan took toughness to a different level. Mike is always going to be compared to Nolan, like it or not.