Coach Anderson Tweet

Nothing but class. Still calls are fans the best. Gosh darnit, he’s better than some of us.

Class all the way. Thanks Coach. All the best.

One of the best men I have ever met.

That has nothing to do with basketball

Damn that was hard to watch…

Good man who truly cared for his players and fans. He will be missed. Best of luck to him.

Why did we hire Hunter Y this dude is lame I thought we were going to get the AD from Tulsa

He probably could relate to the state better… Where is Hunter Y from?

I told someone else after I read Yurachek’s statement that I think this is a sign that the “Good Ole Boys” are back in charge and HY is a puppet

Rumor it was Mike who vetoed the hire. Take it with a grain of salt

If Mike had that much pull he would still be the coach take that with a grain of salt

I have no doubt you’re correct. I have not much doubt we end up with Sampson. We just ended up with 15 4-star recruits. Although Sampsons current 2019 class at Houston sucks, i bet he gets here and lands a stud or two.

You might be right…But I think I believe my sources over your grain of salt.

Stacy Lewis advocated for Yurachek and she was on the AD search committee. Yurachek was the boss of Lewis’ husband, who is the golf coach at Houston.

Yurachek met with Joe Steinmetz the morning of Arkansas’ basketball game at Houston in December 2017 at his UH office, and their wives went to get coffee. They hit it off and met for about two hours. From what I have been told, it was pretty well known at that point that Yurachek was going to get the job.

I believe Steinmetz met with Derrick Gragg and the AD at South Florida (whose name escapes me) the following day, then Yurachek was called Monday and offered the job.

What a class act thanks Coach!!

Coach Anderson epitomizes class!

I can see where a case can be made for this decision but I’ll always be a CMA fan and supporter!

It’s no doubt that’s what’s going on here. I knew when they started making a big deal about the Nolan Richardson court it was going to piss off those Good Ole Boys and make things tougher on Mike, I just thought it would make it tougher on him the following year. It’s a lot of people behind that scenes that it upset they did not want to do that, and getting rid of Mike is just one of the fallouts from them pushing so hard for it. The fact that CMA didn’t thank or even mention Yurachek and none of the guys currently on the hill says a lot.

I’ve been challenging people to provide me with a list of coaches that are at non-blue blood schools who coach gets fired the following season after back-back tournament appearances and played in 4 conference championship games 2 of the 4 years prior. You won’t find anybody that got fired with a resume like that, then for him to get fired as someone who’s been apart of the program nearly 30 years like that, it’s almost unbelievable, I’ve never seen a school treat someone linked to the program for so long like that, it’s so unreal seems like a dream.

I’m going to miss Mike but hope like Richardson he sticks around Arkansas. Would love to run into him again and show my appreciation.

I think it is telling that Mike is still wearing a Razorback polo in that video, hours after being fired by the Razorbacks. Maybe he didn’t notice, but I bet he did. He loved it here.

He is a fine man, all class and its a shame it didn’t work out but this is a business.I wish him all the best.

This has all the makings of a colossal CF. Boosters steering the AD, big names being tossed around with large buyouts, and half the fan base not happy about this firing. If Hunter doesn’t land a big coach, it will look like a complete fail.