Coach Anderson on 2017 Recruiting...

I will have an more expansive story on Friday

“The guys we are losing - Moses, a guy with size, Manuale to me is a glue guy and a versatile perimeter guy and then you are losing a guy Dusty Hannahs is one of the leading 3-point shooters in the country coming back here,” Anderson said.

“So you are losing quite a bit and we want to bring in guys that fit what those guys bring to the table. I am looking for the best basketball players out there that fit what we are doing.

“I like size, I like athletic ability, I like versatility and that is certainly big.

“We hope to sign as many as we can,” Anderson said. “We have four scholarships and hopefully we can get the guys that we want and continue to search and see what is out there and what is available.”

Looking forward to the report Dudley. I’m excited for basketball season. I do now see where where Victor Enoh could be visiting Mississippi State this weekend now instead of AR, so it looks like your right. Makes me think that “separate ways” might mean more like Ben Howland (longtime recruiting ace from UCLA) called late and Miss State is in the game now. I feel like it will really sting if we only sign 1 big in 17. Anderson could use a recruiting ace like Texas A&M had Stansbury on staff for a couple years that helped get them over the hump, seems like it’s almost mandatory is today’s recruiting environment. I really hope CMA can bring in bring in a good and full 17 class. Losing all of '15 and 3 Jucos in '16 mean we need to have some in the pipeline.

You are still assuming that Enoh turned us down. Not sure why you came to that conclusion.

There is still a scholarship left beyond the three that are in the class that is already ranked in the top 10

Not sure why you think they aren’t going to land one to fit that

As I said earlier this week I don’t think it is a must-have though because of Gafford, Thompson, Thomas, Cook, Hazen and Bailey