Coach Anderson gets

Contract extension at St John’s through 2026-27 season. After 2 winning seasons and Big East Coach of the Year this year.
Congrats Mike.


Congrats - I heard he has 7 players in the portal.

All 7 found homes in mid-majors or division 2 schools. Kind of shows the type of talent he had.

Thanks to Transfer Portal, 4 transfer additions have upgraded SJU talent. None of the 4 transfers (maybe except the big man) compare to transfers Muss has added this season, but they are more like Jalen Tate quality.

Biggest change I see in SJU recruiting since Mike arrived is that NY area talent is staying home and coming home via transfer route, Good sign for him.


That’s great. I heard he’d get them replaced. Good to know it’s working in his favor.

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That NY City PG he got was really good last year as a freshman. He will be outstanding going forward the next couple years. He fits Mike’s system perfectly.

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Basically the four Chris Mullins holdovers left SJU program for final two seasons like Desi and Ethan did to end Mike Anderson era roster. Two juco transfers from the south didn’t adapt to New York City and covid bubble. All transferred down from Power 6 hoops to the likes of Coastal Carolina, Louisiana Lafayette, High Point, Robert Morris, Manhattan, Binghamton, Southern Miss and San Diego. Added transfers, defense and athleticism from Purdue, Rutgers, and from mid majors a center and sharpshooter. Already had 3 high schoolers inked. Making tourney will largely depend on whether first team All Big East Julian Champagnie returns or joins twin brother out of Pitt in draft. I think he goes but what do I know but all I got to say in tone of Jimmy Johnson, how bout those Hogs!

I remember reading a Louie Carnesecca review in the New York Post (I know) and he was very much more impressed with Mike than Mullins; ironic as that can be. Mike has a good gig that fits him for basketball success.

Agreed, Rayza. I’m a native New Yawka, and, in truth, it will largely always be more of a professional sports place. However, there is a nice a group of New Yorkers that extends the entirety of the state who would very much enjoy seeing The Johnnies do well. I think Anderson’s consistency in winning will make him a genuine darling here. Plus, if they can keep winning, local NY sports radio will start to talk them up again like they used to–and that is going to boost recruiting big time.

Mike is a positive role model for that school and area. I hope they learn something. He never attained the heights we hoped he would bring to our program but he was a very positive and stabilizing force. I think our school and the state of Arkansas are better because of Mike’s tenure.

That is Great for Mike,well deserved!


I was saying with covid hitting northeast real hard at beginning so teams in area played in front of no fans unless at opponents home games. No Madison Square Garden home games. No big city fun and social life but in covid bubble. Players can be confined near family now with Cole back in SCarolina and Moore in Hattiesburg MS.
I cant imagine Bud Walton empty would have impressed our players or recruits despite knowing why. All teams endured covid but those with no fans and on lockdown to keep from missing a game were socially and mentally impacted by more fans at your juco games that a team in NYC has. Hogs with full Bud Walton will be rocking and two covid impacted seasons in trash can other than unforgettable elite eight run!

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Mike will win big there. He is our DNA and I will always root for him.

Arkansas should be an elite program to these eyes.

And when it is, it will not forget all who helped for years in different ways and Mike is among them.

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