Coach Anderson and Thurman will see major target

2018 PG Courtney Ramey today.

There’s been discussion of how the 2018 class will finish up. There’s no doubt Courtney is a take at anytime.

RD, is it just me or is Thurman the man this year that MA depends on to recruit the out of state highly rated recruits?

Think it’s just you. No doubt he respects Scotty, but TJ and Melvin are very involved too. As matter of fact, when I saw Courtney in Vegas, I saw Melvin. Scotty and Melvin have been working on Courtney.

Now why would you think that? Please explain.

It seems with all this personal attention by the coaches given to Courtney they must be receiving great feedback from him and his dad.

Atleast that is what I’m getting from it’s appearance