Coach A Press Conference Video

Great internet press coverage with the videos. Love that. But can’t someone besides bob ask a few questions? Bob is great but I’m tryina get my money’s worth. Come on, I mean I’m sure we got some great questions out here in internet message board land. Maybe poll the audience or something if reporters are having writers block thinking up questions in the pressers. Seriously don’t just sit on those press passes. Y’all have fans out here waiting to tune in. Here are a few options if your running low and I’m sure others have their own insightful suggestions too, seriously lets keep Mike engaged. What else he got to do, he loves loves talking to the fanbase.
-do you ever think about getting a pair of snake skin boots like Nolan?
-do Dusty and Scotty ever play horse before practice?
-how is Moses’ headspace right now?
-who is pushing the competition in practice the most?
-does playing against home state Arkansas kids provide extra motivation vs Florida etc?
-how do you think the home crowd will respond to kevaughn allen coming “home” appearance?
-what do you think about Phil Jackson and Lebron James’ spat?
-what is your biggest concern going in to conference play?
-how are we going to win on the road this year?