CO License Plate - WOOPIG?

Probably few of you know (or care) what it is like driving W. on I-70 from Denver to Summit County on Weekend mornings (and back evenings) during ski season, but let me just say it is bumper to bumper for the whole 70 or so miles. Last Sat. morning I found myself as I often do in that mess doing my usual 2-8 mph with everybody else when I looked in the other lane and notice a dark color SUV with the CO License Plate, WOOPIG. If I ever got along side them, I was going to ask them about that tag, but of course, my lane was too slow and I lost contact. I was wondering if the owner of that car happened to be on here or someone knows who that is? I really doubt that tag number was an accident. Wish it was mine!

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Does Scott Hastings still live around Denver?

When I was a HS junior I lived in the Springs. It was a very easy drive to Breckenridge, at that time, if the commute was not happening during a snow storm. I remember one weekday that I (and four friends) departed to the slopes early in the am, and I was practicing baseball in the pm. What a long day.

Yes. He does the Nuggets games

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