Co Defensive Coordinators

What is meant by “Co”? Who is in charge? Never liked split leadership. but perhaps this works or there is a reason for it. May be just an ego or money thing.

If the HC designates co-coordinators it’s often a ploy to justify paying both of them coordinator salaries, or to give an extra title which looks good on the assistant’s resume. Or both.

I’ve also wondered whether having co-coordinator as part of one’s title might trigger a contractural no-compete clause… :thinking:

Lots of schools have a DC, with a Run and Passing game coordinators. It’s just a way to justify increased salaries to us poor dumb fans. We know when we see “coordinator” that we are supposed to pass the hat for more money for the staff.

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I would think Woodson will focus on the backend while Williams has the front and Williams would have the final say.

I agree, the title helps justify an increase in pay.

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Woodson had the title of defensive passing game coordinator at Florida State.

If that was the case here, wouldn’t that mean we are still looking for a DC?

At this point, I really don’t care about the titles. I just want results – on the field, in the locker room, and in recruiting. I can’t remember the last time we had a strong defense, especially in the secondary. I assume these two guys are happy – now, let’s start making some noise!


Richard or Matt, I’ve seen a lot of FSU fans happy that Woodson is gone. To me, it looks like he recruits well, and he had a great passing defense this year. Any insight as to why FSU fans were happy with him leaving? I even saw an article from Rivals where they were trying to justify him leaving as a good thing.

I don’t know. Fans are fans, and the new seems to wear off of assistants quickly. His job was to oversee pass defense and Florida State had the No. 4 pass defense in the country this year.


Maybe a little sour grape in play here.

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I equate that to some Arkansas fans not liking Briles while other fan bases would love to hire him.

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I’m guessing you didn’t read my comment that it was basically for increased salaries.

I understood that perfectly. I had just read another article also calling Williams co-defensive coordinator. Your statement “Lots of schools have a DC, with a Run and Passing game coordinators” seemed to indicate you would still have a “DC”, over the entire defense, along with another co-defensive coordinator or 2.

Before I responded this morning, I checked the Razorback site and found that Williams was listed as DC and Woodson as Co-DC, so the article I read was in error and we do have a “DC”, Travis Williams. So it all makes sense and your statement was correct.

No problem, there’s always one guy in charge, even at school’s that list only 2 Co-DC’s. It’s just a way to get one of them a higher salary. Our guys may group plan their plan for a game, but only one of them will be calling the shots on defense.


If they are as good at recruiting as I am hearing then that should be taken care of.

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