CMA offense

Question for experts out there. What is your opinion on CMA’s X and O skills. I never any real designed offense besides simple random pick and rolls or a pinch post screen. Extremely simple stuff. I watch NBA ball, but I made the excuse they were pros, but I just watched Steve Alford’s UCLA team and it was like a revelation! Seems like Hannah’s and Kingsley skills get wasted in our gummed up O.

Pat Bradley summed up our offense well in commentary in our last game. It’s all about movement. Keep the ball moving, keep your self moving, keep the defense moving to find the d off balance and find open space on the floor. When it works well it is not so different from what Kerr and Popavich do. It does however provide a whole lot of freedom to the players and require improvisation and creativity, so it depends on our players iq and skill. That has t always been to the level needed in the past couple years. But one thing about this offense is it improves as the players develop familiarity with each other, gets stronger towards tournament time. I don’t think Mike teaches it as well as Popavich or Kerr obviously but that’s he idea. The main problem when our offense is poor is that the ball is not moving. If you know the spurs and warriors you know that ball ZIPS around the floor and it is constant. You can’t say Mike isn’t aware of this. When we have a poor night he always mentions the ball movement. Now I think it is fair to ask why he can’t get more consistent results from his team on this issue he says is a priority. But what is important is if he can get them to improve throughout the year and become more consistent by tournament time. I think every year he has shown improvement throughout the season, with the ceiling being determined by our talent level.

You nailed what was bothering me a LOT ion the game I watched. It was stagnant. A lot of standing around or half hearted movement. They seemed to close together and just out of sorts.

Hogs stagnant offense is 3rd in the league in PPG,
2nd in FG%, 4th in FT % and 3rd in assists per game.

I honestly can’t tell if people really think we have no offensive scheme or if this is just what people are used to saying about Nolan/MA teams so they say it over and over.

College and pro basketball is now mostly about spacing and movement. The Norman Dale/Eddie Sutton days of 15 screens, 10 passes and a shot are long gone.

If you watch Kentucky or Kansas or most of the other major teams, you aren’t going to see the coaches calling tons of sets. They have a framework and sets to attack zones, etc and some man to man looks, but they’re not over there orchestrating every possession.

I see lots of teams running motion offenses. I really don’t hear the “do they have an offense” question about those coaches. I wonder why that is.

One thing I have noticed for several years is that we run good sets out of timeouts and often get open layups or other good shots.

I noticed that we ran good offense the other night coming out of a timeout at about the 9 minute mark. Ran good offense and got a very good shot.

Maybe I missed them, but I haven’t seen many threads about our success out of timeouts. I see them a lot any time it happens for an opposing coach.

I have seen a lot of complaining about our end-of-game isolation plays. It’s a complaint I have about us and 95 % of the teams because they do it, too. Coaches are just so scared they will leave time on the clock and not get the last shot.

My theory is that people see what they want to see and have preconceived notions about coaches and their “Xs and Os” smarts and systems.

That’s why Pitino can run a similar system and it’s brilliant. MA does it and he’s just rolling the ball out there.

Regardless of those biases, Arkansas clearly has a system. It is a motion offense that also relies upon lots of possessions and points off of turnovers. It may not be what you like or want to see, but it’s a system.

Obviously, when people aren’t moving well together and are feeling their way around with new teammates and for many a new system, it can look stagnant.

But, the entire goal of an offense is to score a lot of points as efficiently as possible.

According to the objective, unbiased numbers, our offense is one of the better in the league at doing that.

The offense was probably better at this time last year with less offensive talent on the roster. The roles were clearly defined due to more constraints. Either CMA and staff forgot a lot about what they know about offense over the summer, or a hunk of our struggles is chemistry related. Whether this team will figure it out remains to be seen. It’s the head coach’s job to recruit guys that mesh together well and unite them into a cohesive unit. So, ultimately it’s CMA’s responsibility, but I’d rather the O fire on all cylinders in March than November.

I say this every year after the first couple of losses, but I wish highly critical fans would let the season play out before piling on the negativity. If the team rises up and has a successful campaign, you will look like petulant children. If they don’t, you won’t lack for opportunity to get your shots in. It’s wasted energy, and nothing about it will help the team do well between now and March.

That’s what happened 2 years ago. We gave away an early game we had won at Clemson and people just complained nonstop from that point forward.

I honestly think one reason fans are so disinterested isn’t just last year’s 16-16.

I think a lot of people enjoyed exactly none of the prior 27-win season (27-9, 15-6) even though we went 14-4 down the stretch and had only won 27 once in the prior generation despite trying 5 different coaches.

I don’t know how the season will turn out. But, the squad has talent. How well it does will depend upon how a team with 8 new players (including 4 transfers) will come together.

That’s why the sweeping rants/generalizations about how this isn’t a Ncaat team, or we don’t have an offense or we don’t play any defense are dumb.

There are a lot of moving parts right now and they are 6-1 against a solid, no-name schedule.

Yes, they lost the game people want to deem the first true test, so far (Minnesota).

They also beat 2 teams–Fort Wayne and UT Arlington who beat #3 Indiana and Texas (in Austin), respectively.

What did people expect…that a team with 8 new guys would be undefeated, beating teams by 30 and hitting on all cylinders 7 games into the season?

ya I’ve seen the negativity about cma and his system. but it’s not on this thread (yet) so it is best to ignore those haters. however I do think it is fair and interesting to discuss valid concerns about our offense which is mainly Kingsley and Hannahs under performing and the team struggles on the road ie Minnesota.

to that point I think it is interesting what was said above about maybe the team having more constraints last year. I do think coach a is giving them more free reign this year because he knows we have better talent. the uptempo motion offense is a high risk high reward system that depends more on the players skill than some other more structured half court set up offense. coach is letting them figure out how to gel on their own by trial and error, because he knows the learning process will pay off big. right? that said it has been year after year that we look like a totally different team on the road. we need leadership to step up this year to keep the tempo high and keep the ball moving even on the road.

Ummm, what UCLA team did you watch, because the one I watched today wasn’t running offensive sets. On another note, Kingsley isn’t the scorer we make him out to be. I hope we don’t start running our offense through him.

My point exactly. It’s almost pointless to even try because people see what they want to see.

Alford is UCLA’s coach, so he was a great strategist over there drawing up basketball plays.

It’s just so stupid. Ignorant bs.

I will say that in the post season, when almost every game seems to come down to the wire, the pace slows at the end of the game, and half court offense is crucial. That is when you need to run plays through a dominant post player especially if he is your best player. Nolan had many many great teams, but it is no coincidence that his team that went all the way had big nasty as a focal point, in addition to multiple other 7 footers.

My 2 cents: He allows a lot of freedom within basic principles, so it can be really tough to stop when he has high IQ guys who play well together/off each other. It isn’t some stuffy Ben Howland system. Some of his teams at Missouri had great chemistry, passed the ball so well, kept the floor spaced and had multiple shooters to stretch the defense.

This team has been stagnant at times. I think some of that is the natural result of all the roster’s moving parts and guys getting used to each other. It’s a work in progress, which is why you see guys standing around at times, not cutting/moving without the ball and poor spacing. He called some set pieces against SFA that made me think it was an attempt to jumpstart movement.

The poor spacing is a pet peeve of mine, but I expect it to get better as they continue to mesh. They’ve got to avoid lulls where they stand around and move without purpose. Obviously having guys who can break down the defense off the dribble and force help is important. They’ve got a few. Anton’s done a good job of that, in particular.

I do like that he’s incorporated more PNR stuff this year because it can put the defense in such a compromising situation and they’ve got the pieces to make it effective. The spacing around it isn’t always great, but there’s potential there. Can be a valuable late-clock go-to.

If teams are going to double Moses, they’ve got to be able to use that to their advantage. Did that tonight. Can make it a lot easier for the other 4 guys.

This team has talent on offense. How they defend will determine how successful they’ll be.

Guys have to look for the ball and move without it, also at Missouri he had some very good players that included a real PG.

His best team at Mizzou did not have a true PG. Taylor and Tiller, two combo guards, started in the backcourt. Both averaged about 7 minutes per assist. Beard is currently at 5.8 minutes per assist, Macon at 8.4, and Watkins at 9.3. Assists actually look fine on this team. We’re 23rd in the nation in assists per possession.

The problem has been TOs. That Mizzou team had good ballhandling at all positions. Only Lyons had major TO problems. That hasn’t been the case so far with this team. We’re #104 in TOs per possession, which isn’t terrible, but much worse than a typical CMA team. They showed improvement last night. Barford, for instance, had an outstanding 4 assists with nary a TO.

BTW Pomeroy now has us at #33 in the nation in offensive efficiency, which is pretty darn good for a team whose offense has received such scrutiny. That speaks more to how potentially powerful they could be on offense. I agree with Jimmy. Ultimately it will be about the D for this team. However, if they can get their O at full potential, it might not matter. See Notre Dame from two years ago. They were worse on D than we were last season and came within a bucket of the FF.

Comment: I couldn’t have stated any better, your summation hit the nail dead on the head as it relates to some of this bloggers they only see what they want to see and make-up the rest. I refer to them as wishful thinkers

Arkansas’s offense is third in the SEC, 33rd nationally, in points per possession according to Ken Pomeroy’s system, which tries to adjust for schedule strength.

Arkansas’s offense is second in the SEC, 24th nationally, in offensive efficiency according to RealGM’s system, which does not adjust for schedule strength.

You have to keep the schedule-strength adjustment in mind when using Pomeroy stats. His system arguably distorts the rankings because of the schedule-strength adjustment – which favors the top few conferences and disadvantages everybody else. It clearly overrates the middle and bottom teams in the Big 12, ACC, Big East and Big Ten.

Some allowance for schedule strength is merited, but finding a good method is difficult.