CMA and his assistants

So CMA has not retained a single coach and instead went and got Coach Pressey to reunite with him from their playing days at Tulsa. Pressey was most recently in the NBA with the Lakers. And, he goes and hires the Junior College coach of the year who is a top recruiter, DeMeo, who grew up in NYC. I’d say CMA made the right moves. Don’t know how it will shake out, but I’d say it appears he finally woke up and put himself in a great position to be successful. … -announced

I stand corrected, he made TJ, Associate Head Coach - CRAZY!

Too stubborn while he was here to make changes. What happened PJ?

Just stop

Jerry, this is the reaction I thought I would have gotten from you when I posted about CMA hiring Pressey, instead of “stop posting about CMA” reaction I got from you.

Think the primary reason is that he needed to get recruiters who had contacts in the region. Even loyalty has limits. Plus as Clay said Watkins is probably retirement age and did not want to move away from Fayetteville.

He did retain TJ. St. John’s beat writers for New York Post have called TJ as the assistant who is known nationally as having a solid line to the Jucos.

That explains the hires of Van Macon and Steve DeMeo.

The hiring of Pressey suggests he is seeing what NBA connections are doing for Penny Hardway and Muss and wanted to jump on that.

I didn’t have a problem with TJ, Watkins and Scotty as our staff. I did think he needed to hire someone like Pressey at Arkansas. He did hire Lee Mayberry, but that is not the same as a Todd Day or Corliss.

Thanks PJ. Good explanation.

Exactly this is a new area/region for him makes sense to me he would bring in coaches that can really help him…that’s why for me it was a head scratcher that the New Arkansas coach let Scottie go… none of these kids are familiar with this coach in addition to the names he brought in

Although I also felt retaining Scottie here would help. Scottie doesn’t have quite the resume as who CMA and Muss have hired for floor assistants recently.