Club Dub..didn't last long

don’t think it’ll be open the rest of the year…

The Big L Lounge is very popular after Razorback games. It will be open.

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Yea its shut down and just might have new ownership soon!

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Most exclusive club in America—open once a year.

Maybe it’s sour grapes but I do wish Morris is asked a question about club dub. Just would like to see how he handles the question and what his response would be.

It was open on the NE section of the stadium. They seem to be enjoying “the Dub”.

I hope our media members start asking this staff some very tough questions… the light needs to shine on this coach and staff…

I don’t usually get in the stadium in time to watch warmups but did tonight because my son wanted to.

That said, I was taken back a bit at the sight of several players dancing around - not so much the dancing but rather they were hamming it up for the camera and it was all up on the Jumbotron - that’s how I noticed it.

Anyway, Chad said he was concerned in warmups and thought we were “too giddy.”

Like I said I’m not usually in the stadium that early, but is the playing it up for the camera with the “look at me” attitude common? Is it common for other teams?

Perhaps this is the week to turn off the music at practice ( which I understand plays constantly) and refocus a bit.

Razorback players transfer to another college you will thank me in the end