Closing w 5 Quad 1 games in a row

Tenn (9), @FL (54), KY (3), LSU (16), @Tenn (9)–

About the toughest closing stretch I can remember. We could range from going 5-0 and ending up a 2 seed to going 0-5 and ending up on the bubble.

2-3 probably keeps us about at our current 6-7 seed line.

Should be fun!

We jumped to #30 in NET this morning after beating Misery. Florida dropped from #49 to #54 after losing to the Ags but that’s still Q1 for a road game. OU dropped to #39 but that’s still Q1 for neutral site.

Vandy remains at #76; #75 would make them Q2. Unfortunately they play at Auburn tonight but maybe the boost in SOS would move them up. Hofstra is actually on a bit of a hot streak and has climbed into the top 100, so they’re no longer a Q3 loss for neutral site, although the NCAA is still treating NLR as a home game.

Rick Barnes says vols have the toughest 5 game schedule that’s left and two of those teams are georgia and mizzou which are bottom rung schools. WHAT’S he thinking??? GHG!

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Just playing to his base and his team to not let up.


Of course he was. It just amazes me how some coaches will ooh nm. No need in opening a can of worms.

On the SEC network last night they said the hogs have the toughest 5 game stretch to close the regular season in
D-1 basketball! So I will trust run over Rick Barnes. Of course he is looking at the 2 games he plays our hogs too!

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If ever there were a road game, this is it. Awful venue. Awful history. Awful travel for our team. Why do we do this?

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The hogs haven’t ever played worth a hoot in NLR! Heck get the old Pune Bluff Convention Center up and running and play there at least there’s some next history there. Maybe invite North Carolina again!

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Ask LDHog how I feel about playing in LR. The very thought of it makes my blood boil.

Home games should be played in the Bud!

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