Close games

It’s now 8 consecutive games decided by 1 or 2 runs. (I count Saturday’s game with Old Miss because it went extras.)

Man, I would love a breather game! :laughing:

Ole Miss on Saturday didn’t go extras. Diggs hit the walkoff in the bottom of the ninth.

Oh right. My bad. Either way, tied in the ninth counts in my book!

Tough to get a breather game when you cannot hit and move runners. Our inept offense puts a lot of pressure on the pitching staff be it midweek or weekend series.


It’s nice to win in a runaway, but other than UCA, our last several opponents have been good teams. It’s hard to pummel a good team in baseball. And pummeling one on one night is no guarantee you’ll pummel them or even beat them the next night (see our games against NCS last June.) It’s just the nature of the game.

True, but in our previous five SEC series (before this eight-game stretch), we had a blowout win in every one of them, except for Missouri.

Blowouts are fun when you can get them. It’s just best not to expect them.

I listened to DVH’s pc following last night’s game. He said we’re a good team, but we’re not special. I think that sums us up. We’ve got to get better to have a decent chance of getting to Omaha & perhaps winning it all. The odds are against us, but we are still one of the more likely teams to get there.

I think Dave and that projection is right. As of today, this is not a Top 8 team. The pitchers throw far too many balls. Throwing strikes would help (heck, even Clay can throw a strike low in the zone). Balls got them in trouble last night.

They seem to all be swinging for the fences. Just hit the baseball where it is pitched. Dave said they swung several times last night at ball 4. It happens from time to time to good hitters, but it should not be happening a lot.

Can Dave get this turned around? Of course he can. Not much future in betting against DVH, but they had better get on with it, or there will not be much baseball in June. They can start by throwing strikes instead of balls.


Lots of things to improve, yet they are 14-7 in the league. They play really good defense and have 6-7 solid pitchers. They seem to compete, too.

Jim, keep me out of it. Not sure I can repeat my delivery. They call it “one and done.”

You are selling yourself short. The slowest called strike in MLB was 30 mph. If you could get up to that speed, you could have a fast ball and a change-up.

No way! You will never live down that great, well earned honor. I bet Dave is showing the film to his pitchers who seem to have no idea what a strike is so they can see how it is done!

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