Clock malfunction at WMS

Imagine that…

Didn’t see that coming …

Lol, I started to post over under on clock malfunction this week

I was going to set it at 0

Another issue tonight is the number of people who are stuck outside at the start of the game. Tonight is the first game with metal detectors and it is not going well.

There is no excuse for a clock malfunction.

Ugh! On national TV…sigh.

Let’s just hope they can keep the lights on

Plenty to be positive about so far. Enjoy!!

If people honestly cared about player safety, you would never play another game at WMS until major changes were made.

Might as well be playing on asphalt. Look at players that have been injured on both sides

Popcorn sales must be up. Those machines pull a lot of juice.

The Parks and Tourism flunked this assignment.
Pitiful job getting people in, actually quite embarrassing.
I don’t blame people for not coming back to WMS, and I have been a lifelong fan and coming to games therefor 60 years!
Kane Webb should be fired for the overall ineptness.

There is just no upside to continue wasting home games being played in Little Rock.
The stadium is not SEC caliber facility, the field is pathetic and led to injuries for both teams today.
You can’t really host recruits at these games when you can’t show them your actual home facilities, campus atmosphere and so on…
At some point these trips to Little Rock have to come to an end, they don’t help in building the program.
Sorry Little Rock media, but sometimes the truth hurts and this is the truth.

Go Hogs!

Ah the default sports fan response: “FIRE SOMEBODY NOW.”

Ain’t gonna happen. Unfortunately, WMS becoming a serviceable SEC stadium ain’t gonna happen either. But regional politics has outstripped good sense and the good of the program once again.

Somebody somewhere somehow needs to invest some money into the old lady if she is going to host an SEC game every other year. Not sure who or how and certainly know one game every two years isn’t worth it, but installing a new turf seems to be at least one improvement.