Clint Stoerner takes it to Jimbo (SIAP)


that was fun, thanks for sharing. and man, oh, man, is it fun watching A&M implode. Of course, Jimbo will have them fired up by the time they play us. and he’d better, or we’ll run over them.


Clint really broke it down well. As usual problems with the OL equals poor performance of the offense. Jimbo sure ain’t earning his salary.

“Cryin @ss shame” :smile:

For those of you that may not have already seen it, this is pretty succinct as well…


Ha…Pate is cool.

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Really excellent take from this organization. Thanks (AGAIN) for bringing excellent products to this board.

Glad you reposted. I wanted to send to an FSU friend.

Jumbo left fsu in poor shape . I question his abilities like Clint. However Clint liked Morris?

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