Climbing out of this Valley

17 and 18 seasons were just demoralizing to me and my fellow alum friends in Colorado and beyond. They all keep saying they are ready to reach the low so we can at least begin the climb up. That climb gives us all hope for a better tomorrow as Hog fans. Even if it’s not competing for championships in the next couple years. We need to start to see a foundation of future greatness built.

I’ve kept my replies to my buddies as “no comment” for the past 2 years. Generally because I was not sold on our leader at the QB position. That is until today. I told a couple of them today at lunch that I thought our climb would start this weekend. They nearly feel out of their chairs that I had such a comment. But I truly believe this weekend will begin our climb out of this valley of desperation we have all been in for the past 2 years minimum.

Again, we won’t be competing for championships, but we will win solidly the next two weeks (as we should) and the offense will look completely different. This will inspire some hope and excitement for players and fans. And I think this will continue to carry forward for through the season where we will win 6 more regular season games (shocking a couple teams we would never think we could compete with).

There is a lot more improvement to be shown in this team and they are all looking for some momentum to fall on their side. It’s coming, beginning in a big way this weekend. Expect this season to start playing out similar to the 2009 season. The offense is going to get better and better. And I think the defense will get better also. Way too much time on the field the past year. They will get a spark from the offense doing their job. Let’s enjoy seeing our team begin to finally rise from the ashes.

My feelings exactly. It is coming.

Hope you are correct

Totally agree


I told someone at lunch similar feelings. Rebuilding, reloading, or anything else you call it is no fun. No one wants to even mention those words. You want to talk like it’s something that will happen sooner rather than later. Eric Mussellman did not want to go there with his comments when he was hired. But I just see the roster in basketball and know that you better have bigger, stronger guys to play a game that was invented for tall people. Football is still about big people. Little ones have a spot on the field. But if you don’t have good big dudes, you aren’t going to do well in the SEC.

As another from Colorado, I concur with the head down part at least. “Show me” on the climb out part. Last year in Collins was a night mare. I still work some for CSU and work with those guys constantly. It is a very good school with good folks, but it is not a football school. Not even close.

Losing to them at their place was bad and hard to take. Losing to them at our place would be bad, very bad. I said last spring or summer when it was asked that to me, the CSU game was the key to the season. I thought I was just speaking for myself, but now it seems I was speaking for the whole program.

This is not just a big game for us that live in CO (and there are several of us), but all of us together.

Sounds good in print (can you hear the print speaking to you?), and it does somewhat echo my own sentiments, although I am perhaps not quite as optimistic. My major concern at this point revolves around how candid (honest) coach was when he said that Starkel has only mastered 35-40% of the offense. Hoping for the best!!!

I do not think he said Starkel has only mastered 35-40 percent of the offense. I don’t think they ever have 100 percent of the offense in for a game. So you have the numbers off and I think the concept of the quote off.

I love the drill where some people whisper something and it goes around the room and then see what is said at the end.

Here is the direct quote:

Starkel “will carry about 25-30 percent of the team’s offense into the game.”

I do not think they ask quarterbacks to carry 100 percent of the offense into a game. And I don’t think he said that’s what he knows. Maybe I’m way off here, but I think they are different things.

My own thought is that he probably has enough of the offense down to start and play well.

Thanks for the clarification, and I agree with your subsequent statements also! However, we would certainly benefit from a higher percentage. Hopefully Coach was using the tactic made famous by “The Bear” by understating.

I was at that game also. Took my daughters. Never been more disappointed in a hog football game. It was bad coaching that game mixed with bad execution, but he could have been more strategic and won that game.