Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee is at the game today and is sitting in Hunter Yurachek’s box. This is the first time I have seen him at a game in a while.

Lee is the second Cy Young Award winner to sit in Yurachek’s box this year. Roger Clemens was in there for one of the Texas games.

Cliff graduated with my daughter at Benton HS. His dad was a fireman and had a fence company on the side. Cliff and his brother dug holes for a fence Mr. Lee was building for our home. We lived on a gravel pit and those two boys had a time getting the holes dug. Not many can say a Cy Young winner helped build a fence at their house.

Good family. Cliff is highly thought of in Benton. I’ve heard numerous first hand reports of his kindness and generosity. Glad he’s there to root on our Hogs.

So wish the Cards could have wrangled a free agent deal for him when he was available several years ago.

I graduated two years before Cliff. I didn’t remember him. One of my friends had to tell me who he was. I actually had a class with him. I remember his dad. Met him a few times.

I watched Cliff some in HS. He was a good player but I would have never thought he would become the great he became.