Cliff Lee and the Saline County boys

Cliff Lee graduated with my oldest daughter at Benton HS. I watched him play in HS and he actually helped his dad build a fence at our home in Benton. Our friends back home in Benton rave about him as a person. We’ve not been around him since he was in HS. Ledbetter, Pallette and McEntire are all Saline County young men, I wonder if Cliff has mentored/coached them as they came up. Probably not but it would be like him to do that.


Wow. I am a Benton native but when I was in high school they had no baseball team.
No American Legion team so I played other sports. I must be getting old.

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We grew up in Pine Bluff but we call Benton home.

Saline County has been good to our baseball program. I don’t think younger folk realize what the sad state of high school baseball was in Arkansas until fairly recently. Very few schools in the state even fielded teams in the 60’s and 70’s. If a high school kid in my hometown wanted to play baseball, he had to wait and play Legion ball in the summer.

We didn’t have baseball in my HS PB Dollarway in the 60’s.

No HS baseball in Ozark in the 70’s. Had to play up thru peewee, pony, babe ruth, and american legion in the summers.

Cliff Lee and Dustin Moseley both mentor quite a few kids in central arkansas.

The baseball talent in arkansas in the high school ranks right now is crazy good.

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Got a good Saline County man in dugout. Clay Goodwin is one of my favorite people.

My daughter grew up with Clay’s wife Jill. We didn’t know Clay but the Johnson’s (Jills parents) are terrific folks.

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