Clicked on the SECN+ on the schedule on................

… and it took me to the site where it now tells me that I am not subscribed for this service with my provider which is Directv. I have watched almost every game this year that was not on the SEC Network this way with no problem. Anyone else have this situation? Maybe, when the broadcast actually starts, this will all go away. Hope so.

I have found that going through a link can be a problem at times

I always go directly into the Watch ESPN app and that always works

Using my Amazon Fire Stick, I often have to relink for DirecTV. But I get into the app in the same way that docestes does: I go to SEC Network + on the WatchESPN app. I’m logged in and the coverage has just begun.

I have direct tv and I had to log out then back in tonight

Another thing I have noticed is the app will randomly decide to change service providers that are linked to the account

For instance, tonight the app showed “Xfinity” in the upper right corner. Where that comes from I have no idea. I have to sign out and then reactivate with my Play Starion Vue account. Sometimes it links to Time Warner. Sometimes Cox. Makes no sense at all.

We recently switched from the Preferred Package to Choice. I wonder if that is the problem? We get the SEC Network on Choice so I would think the SECN+ would work too.