Cleveland MLB no longer the Indians

After the 2021 season. That was fairly expectable, but the name they chose isn’t. The Guardians? Apparently there is a monument outside the ballpark in Cleveland called the Guardians of Traffic and that’s where the name came from, but still…

I am very curious about that name also.

The Guardians is so lame. Well, it is Cleveland, Ohio…but still. The Guardians?

If they would have asked me, I would go with the “Rockers”. You know, the rock and roll hall of fame being there and all.

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I understand the club has a deal with Marvel Comics to re-name the stadium Galaxy Field. The new mascot will be Rocket Racoon.

I know this is a joke but I would personally love this!

So I know a woman who is a guardian ad litem. She’s incensed by this. She and a bunch of other guardians are headed to Cleveland to protest.

What took so long!

I grew up as a Sam McDowell fan. He was an Indian.

Crazy world!

I guess calling themselves the Cowboys was not on the table…

so when is Atlanta going to cave in and change their name from Braves?

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