Cleveland Hill

When I was in college, I remember the track team (and basketball teams) taking off from the track and running up Razorback Road to the top at the Cleveland intersection. I also remember some teams running from Sang up Cleveland to the Razorback Road intersection. Which route is the one people are talking about when speaking of running Cleveland Hill?

Don’t know, but in the late 70’s we would sled down Cleveland to Sang after a big snow/ice. It was all a 4 wheel drive could do to make it back up to carry us to the top again. It was also taking your life in your own hands, but in college…….

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I was there in the late 70’s and remember that. Not sure I ever did it but remember seeing kids do it on Cleveland and even on Garland.

The things we did in college……gracious….

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from Sang up Cleveland.

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Coach would have the managers follow the players in our cars to make sure they didn’t cheat when we ran Cleveland. I actually ran it with the players once…once. It was brutal.

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I took a running class through the HPER my freshman year. Cleveland Hill was kind of the grand finale on some of those runs. Once you reached the top it was pretty much all downhill back to the HPER. I hated it.

The hill goes up from Sang Ave. to Razorback Road.

I can’t remember who — maybe Darrell Hawkins? — telling a story about running Cleveland Hill. He said at that time Nolan had a blue Chevy Astro van and would follow the players with a cassette tape of “Don’t Worry Be Happy” turned up as loud as it could go.


True. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I rode my bike up Cleveland a few years ago


Oh, my :scream:. But I remember seeing guys ride their bikes up Mt Evans, too. Can’t wrap my mind around the physiological implications of that.

Many here may not know what Mt Evans means. I could see a low geared bike with very physically fit doing the ridding. Oh yes, it is 14,150 ft or so with a gain from around 8,000. With all respect to Cleveland, this is something very different!!!

Mountain climbing on a bike is all about tempo, gearing, stamina, and whether or not the road flattens out periodically to give the rider a chance to catch their breath. I’ve done my share of riding in the Rockies, but from a challenge standpoint, nothing compared to the relatively short ride up Mt Nebo in Arkansas, outside of Dardanelle. It’s a brute. My buddies and I rode Petit Jean in the morning, Mt Nebo in the afternoon, then Mt Magazine the next day. Of the three, Mt Nebo was clearly the toughest. Bit of a tangent from Cleveland, but I’m kind of glad I wasn’t trying to do that in college. My physical challenge then was getting from the Arts and Sciences building to the Animal Sciences building between classes.

I’ve done my share of hill riding. My favorite route will always be what we call the Jasper Disaster. That’s highway 7 from Harrison to Jasper, then up Mt. Sherman on highway 43 and down into Ponca, then up the back side of Gaither and back to Harrison. The climb out of Ponca up Gaither is a brute because it starts so steep. All of that is on a road bike.

The really fun rides are on the mountain bike on gravel because if you don’t have your weight balanced right and are too far up to the front that back tire will slip. Traction is important. I’ve done all the dirt road rides around Gaither Mountain and there are some VERY steep inclines.

I love hill work on the bike!

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