Clemson working on athletic budget

Going to be tough for many power 5 conferences and even the smaller schools. Will the arms race for building facilities causes schools to default on loans? Will see schools cutting programs? Hoping for the best but there may be a lots of hard decisions that have to be made for the future of athletic programs.

I’m not feeling too sorry for the Power 5 programs. They will have to tighten their belts a bit but nobody is in danger of shutting down. Some of the have-nots are not so lucky.


Great point Jeff. And that could place scholarships for youngsters in harms way. Lots of loss happening in more ways than one.

I just read the story that said 30 percent of the revenue for the Group of 5 schools comes from student fees and school subsidies. We don’t even know what is going to happen to enrollment numbers at schools. This thing has so many tentacles that we have not imagined yet.

There could be a concern by parents that would keep their kids closer to home for college! That’s just my opinion. Until they come up with a vaccine life as we knew it has changed.
Cuts by athletic departments may be a concern but it’s not my most pressing concern! Get this Covid 19 under control thats my concern! Bring the pharmaceutical production back to the USA and the our manufacturing base where we won’t rely on stuff from overseas!


As a parent of a student at a mid-major school, it is time the student fees to support athletics needs to stop. The price of college is extremely out of hand. I have 4 younger people working at my office with graduate degrees. They were expecting to pay off their loans in around 10 years of graduating, and these kids are making a excellent salary.

I agree with you Clay, we just don’t know many students will comeback if they can’t afford it.

Schools will feel the pain. This shut down is going to cut enrollment by more than 20 percent if this doesn’t end soon. I can tell you that our entire economy is on the brink of collapse, a complete collapse. There might not be anymore sports if this goes any longer than April 30th. Most of America, except people living on government checks will have zero dollars for anything except food and shelter. Millions (20-30 million) of Americans are about to lose everything they own. Small banks are on the verge of going bankrupt. Suicides are increasing. This shut down is not sustainable. I am ashamed of how we have responded to this crisis. We have chosen fear over fight. We have chosen selfies and hashtags over real solutions. You are witnessing the government destruction of our country and economy. I think my family has enough finances to last about 10-12 months (I own a business that eats up thousands per month regardless of what I do). I am two weeks away from laying off some of my employees. Do you know how awful that feeling is? I grew up in poverty in Mississippi County and worked 30 years to build something for my family. It will alll be gone very soon thanks to spineless leaders shutting down our country and the economy. There was a better way but we chose to shut it down. There are medicines that are working but the bureaucrats won’t let us have them. That is insane. Why? Are they that freaking stupid? This country won’t be recognizable if this does not end soon. NWA might be slightly protected because of Walmart, Tyson, Simmons, and Georges (food and grocery have done well so far). JB Hunt and Transplace will eventually feel the pain and have big layoffs. Freight across the country is drying up because everyone is closed except essential businesses. Who decides essential, the government. Some of you have no idea what is going on out here. I have been at the same hotel for 3 weeks. The most guest at this Marriott in one night was 10. There are 3 here tonight. The hotel has laid off most of its staff. 60 million citizens contracted H1N1 and life went on. America is officially a bunch of wussies. A 95 year old WW2 vet contracted COV19. His response, "I survived the foxholes of Guam, I can get through this Corona Virus bull**** .” Protect the elderly and sick but the rest of us need to get on with our life. I would rather die of COV19 living life than board myself in my home and watch my neighbors and friends lose everything they own. This is not the America I once knew. You are not choosing dollars over lives by going back to work. Your are choosing lives over lives. One more time…this is not sustainable.

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I Leave my hotel everyday sir and work 12-14 hours per day. I left my home in NWA and my family to try and salvage my business. I am doing what I can to take care of my family and my employees. Daytona…people die of something everyday. I don’t understand why we could not attempt to carry on our lives without shutting down everything. The pain we are putting on our fellow Americans is remarkable. Again, we are gonna be in a dire situation economically as a country when we finally come outside again. The “experts” are saying round two will be worse than round one. This is not sustainable. I hope we see a V recovery but I don’t see it happening because most of America will be broke. I don’t think the SBA loans are gonna work the way many expected or Congress intended. I know how those loans will be used and it won’t be to keep employees working. I realize my point pisses off some of you but my stance has not changed since this started. Maybe something good will come of this. I sure hope so.

Prayers arlingtonhog. I’ve had to lay off folks before and it’s very tough. Life as we knew it will never be the same. Hang in there…

Well said. A summer of extreme fear and violence could reign. This must be avoided. Talk about unforeseen expectations, this genie best not be let out of the bottle.

Everybody “gungho” until someone they cherish lungs collapse slowly and sufficates to death in front of their eyes.

R.I.P. Uncle Leroy Gill

Economy - 1
Human Life - 0

Daytona…i am sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family. I have lost all 4 grandparents, my parents, 6 aunts, and 4 uncles. My mom was on a vent for several weeks because she smoked for 65 plus years. My dad was on a vent when he had his heart valve replaced due to rheumatic fever as a child. It is not fun to watch for sure. I have one aunt left in her 90’s and I hope she does not get the virus. None of those were easy and none were planned. We just have to keep moving forward. None of us can pick the date, time, and place for how we will go (unless they take their own life). I am not cold-hearted or void of love for my fellow man. If you knew me better you’d understand where I am coming from and that I care about people way more than money. My argument is not about money as much as the people. Money is simply the object we use to pay our bills and provide for our family. The stress being put on a good majority of the citizens due to the lack of jobs/money is my main concern. It takes a toll on everyone mentally and physically. People are losing their life savings and everything they have built because local and state governments are telling them they cannot open for business. I just don’t feel our nation can sit around and wait for it to be 100% safe outside when so many people will have their lives completely destroyed. That destruction will have several ramifications on people’s lives and relationships. The economy has been shut down for a few weeks now. Our citizens cannot take much more. I believe there will be a vaccine in use before the 12-18 month timeline. There are a few who think they already have one developed and testing is underway. I have also wondered why the so-called “essential workers” are not getting sick by the hundreds or thousands on a daily basis. Could it be that the employees, customers, and businesses have adapted to keep everyone safe? I also think there is a lot of promise in some of the drugs being used to treat the virus. You stay safe and we will get through this together. Maybe I am wrong and things just crank right back up once everyone can get out of their houses. I sure hope so.

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This thread was started to talk about Athletic budgets. I think Athletic budgets will take a big hit in 2020 and 2021. The recovery once this is over will dictate how long the shortfall last. We are not buying anything right now that isn’t essential for our family. Donations and season tickets will be put on the back burner for now. Are there enough big donors at the U of A to fill the shortfall? I guess that depends on how big the shortfall is. The Walton family does not give to the U of A athletics, correct? Could Muss and Sam be asked to defer some of their annual compensation until 3-4 years down the road? Can the U of A defer some of its obligations on the stadium expansion etc? Athletic departments will have to get creative to survive.

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