Clemson -vs- OSU

I wonder if Clemson failing to score at the start of the second half is going to open the door for OSU.

Been a good game by Clemson thus far.

If Penn State wins the Rose Bowl in anyway other than a squeaker and theOSU loses big, and it looks like they might; the CFP committee is going to catch hell, IMO.

Penn State should have had a chance in the playoffs.

Brent Venables has eaten Urban’s lunch.

I would say it hasn’t been a problem.

The Big Ten in the last two college football playoffs: 0-2, combined score 69-0.

That cant be true. The Big 10 is the best conference in football

Now now, Nick has to have his shot at revenge with Urben & OSU. Plain & simple.
However not this year.

Alabama is good but after watching Clemson a few times, expect a dog fight. If Clemson can get to Jalen, Clemson wins. JMO

There won’t be any French kissing the 2017 trophy at O-state going on.

Clemson played 'em off their feet last year, two turnovers cost the game. Clemson could win the game.

Freshmen QB , yeah he’s good but still a freshman. Play the second half of the season first and your Heisman winner would be Deshaun Watson. Most definitely would take Clemson +7, but I think they can win SU. :sunglasses: