Clemson up

56-3 on Louisville. Clemson has 2 running backs over hundred yards and it is not in the 4th yet. BP has a big buyout but not near what BB was.

Now 70-9. BP could be on the hot seat, as this loss takes Louisville to 2-7.

I suspect that with Kentucky’s recent improvement, it is a bad time for the Cardinals to flounder.

Buyout is $14 million, which last time I checked is more than the $11.8 million Bielema is getting. And Adidas isn’t going to pay this one. They just bought out their AD for $7 million and Rick Pitino is suing for $37 million after he was fired for the Adidas mess. And Papa John Schnatter is out as a booster/trustee after he was quoted using racial slurs during a conference call with investors, so I doubt he’ll be paying for it either. UL may not be able to afford to buy him out.

This is likely the reason he hasn’t been fired, yet. But, most agree Petrino is gone.

It has gone from bad to worse. They’re historically bad and have players getting arrested, transferring etc.

With UK on the upswing, they will be desperate to avoid falling further behind. Their really hot for Brohm.

His administration and booster buddies are gone. The fans are disgusted with him. Attendance is in the tank. They’re gonna finish 2-10 with a ton of losses by big margins.

It’s hard to see a scenario in which Petrino survives. If he does it’s because hey can’t affoed the buyout due to all the prior turmoil and poor decisions by Jurich.

He went all in on Pitino and Petrino and they burned him and Louisville in a major way.

Louisville has around $240 million in athletic-related debt services, which in addition to the Pitino, Jurich and Papa John situations has the school in a bit of a bind and hesitant to pull the trigger on $14 million more in obligations.

If he is retained he is going to be forced to make some changes on his staff, which almost certainly will include firing some of his family members. He has a son and two sons-in-law on staff.

I’m hearing Brohm’s name crop up as a possible NFL hire for 2019. It’ll be interesting to see if he would turn down the pros for his alma mater.

That’s a crazy amount of nepotism. I guess it’s an upgrade from hiring his unqualified mistress and putting her in the office next to him in the football building.

Seems to be standard BP procedure; he thinks if he wins enough games he can get away with anything, including putting the side squeeze in the quickie room next door. Tolerance diminishes greatly when you’re 2-7 though.

And about to be 2-10 with several blowouts and tons of points allowed. The clincher will be when UK trounces him and shuts down his offense.

Yup. And some people around here are going to be very upset.