Clemson recruiting budget

Im thrilled with the efforts of our new staff.

But for years I have wondered if we were committing the kind of resources the bigs commit.

Don’t know accuracy of this report but interesting. … st-decade/

WOW. Anyone know what our recruiting budget is?

It’s easy enough to find out. That’s one of the things the federal government requires schools to report as part of the Equity in Athletics survey. Recruiting numbers are broken down by gender but not by sport, but you can surmise that since football takes up most of a school’s scholarships for men, it would also take up most of the recruiting budget.

Clemson reported recruiting expenditures of $2.33 million for all men’s sports in 2017-18. Arkansas reported $1.78 million. Tennessee, another school that can’t depend on in-state talent, spends $2.59 million on recruiting. Alabama spends $2.81 million.

Reading that article, Clemson spent $1.9 million on recruiting travel, with two jets at the coaches’ disposal. We seem to use donated airplanes a lot so that may reduce what we spend on that aspect. If they spent $2.9 million just on football in 2018-19, that all-sports number reported to the feds is going to jump well over $3 million. Clemson’s in-state recruiting is almost nothing, with 15 percent of scholarships going to SC kids in a pretty talent-rich area, but if you’re hitting Atlanta (124 miles) and Charlotte (135 miles), that’s out of state without being very far away, kind of like us recruiting Tulsa.

We make a lot of use of social media in recruiting, and that’s pretty cheap. Doesn’t cost anything to tweet, so that’s one way you can compensate for a lower budget. But it would seem that we could bump those numbers up, and perhaps the 2018-19 figures will show that we did.

Great stuff, Swine. Thank you. Hopefully we can bump it up to Clemson numbers and results.

Here’s the link for the Equity in Athletics database. You can search for an individual school, or compare multiple schools, or do a custom download which I haven’t tried yet. Once you get your school, click Revenues and Expenses to get the expenditures.

Thank you. I didn’t realize this data existed.