Clemson Players Locking Arms

Watching Clemson players lock arms in pre game, I am reminded how intellectually lazy and non-creative Chad Morris is. He had Arkansas imitating all of these Clemson “team” things Dabo does, including the pregame arm lock and even the stupid Howard’s-rock-like-stone the players touch in the NEZ. And yet he built no sense of team whatsoever; in fact, just the opposite. Morris needs to learn real leadership is more than just a bunch of silly acts, slogans and exercises amidst he, himself, not buying into the program and the players clearly knowing it. In fact, despite my hatred of LSU, I think I’ll root against Clemson just because it reminds me of Chad and the Fayetteville destruction in his wake. Just like yesterday I rooted against D. Watson and the Texans. Watson reminds me of Chad too. Geaux Tigers!

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Well let’s see:
JFB was known for his charisma.
Holtz - Wit
Hatfield - Integrity
Crowe - Coolness
Ford - Toughness
Nutt- Enthusiam
Petrino - Nastiness
Smith - Smile
Chad Morris- Not sure. Everything he said or did was something other coaches said or did. He never seemed comfortable in his own skin.

Chad who?

so…is the rock out of the north end zone?

Not sure. They could use it as a paperweight for all
of Bielema’s invoices showing how behind we are in terms of paying him. About the right size for that. It’s a big stack of paper.

What is Clemson’s post game nightclub called?

You guys are cracking me up. Only good thing about LSU being National champs, is that Bummer, Clemson and TOSU aren’t.

LSU will go down as one of the great all time teams. The schedule they rolled through was pretty impressive. Clemson was talented and well coached and was a worthy opponent in title game, but they were just one of about five teams LSU beat that you could have said the same thing about if they had been in that game. I do not include Texas or Oklahoma. Georgia, Florida, Auburn, Alabama and Clemson all solid.

LSU’s defense got better all year. A healthy Grant Delpit was a big deal in this game. So was getting Michael Divinity back for a few snaps.

Last night I heard a comment about LSU averaging 50 over the last few games (they averaged 48.5 for the year) . So, I looked at their schedule. I thought the same thing looking at their schedule. Those teams you mentioned could have made the Championship game against LSU. That wasn’t an easy schedule and the way their offense rolled was crazy. Have to think they maybe in consideration of best CF team of all time

They should be considered as one of the great all-time teams. I wonder what the draft will do to this team. There are 17 juniors or seniors on this team. Lots of them are juniors who could declare for the NFL. Those linebackers and safeties are terrific. Queen was better than I thought. The Clemson running back is really good and had some nice plays. But he was met in the hole (or the backfield) by Queen a lot.

Might have to give them a tie for greatest with that Johnny Rogers Nebraska team that also had a great defense. Didn’t they have a name for their defense? The “black shirts” or something like that. Very explosive offense and defense, with an unusual amount of speed for that era.

This hurts so much to say, but LSU is the best I’ve ever seen… and their QB is Tom Brady with speed. OSU fans must be yaking about the “what if’s” if he had stuck around.

I think LSU will take a big step down starting next year. This year was just a perfect storm for them with Burrow, who was pretty mediocre last year.

Joe Brady was as important as Joe Burrow in their turn around Without Brady, Burrow wouldn’t be where he is today

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