Clemson loses third defensive commit from IMG

All since Venables took the Mobilehoma job.

We’ve had a little success at IMG; wonder if we could get in on any of them?

There OC headed to Virginia head coach job to.

Does this close the book on Clemson football’s run?

I would love to get into IMG stockpile of D1 players… saw them play this year and they look like a college team out there playing they were that dominant… probably got about 10 or 12 D1 players on there starting 22…

Doubtful. Dabo will likely hire great assistants to keep things rolling, much like I expect Coach Pittman to do when the inevitable day comes for Coaches Odom and Briles to leave.

The departures of your coordinators for head coaching jobs is generally a strong selling point for their replacements.

If Dabo is looking for a new OC, he can rehire Left Lane , Hammerdown.


Dabo will earn his play on the hires for these two coordinators. Would not be surprised to see him promote someone from within staff and seek to have that person grow into job. Likely ok for ACC schedule but if they make playoffs then it will show but again if you make the playoffs ,you probably have right guys anyway. Regardless he has to feed the beast now and this is first time since he got the position to have such large staff openings…

That ended the start of this yr.

Yeah. I’m longing for a down year when we go 10-3.

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Referring to a dynasty, and not hard to go 10-3 in that conference, but yeah I get your sarcasm!!

No one said Clemson had a dynasty. That’s your term. My response was to the question, “Does this close the book on Clemson football’s run?”

I think they have a great program. Have had a nice “run” for about a decade. Losing coordinators to advancements in their respective careers is a plus for a program, not a sign of the end.

No doubt Clemson has an easier road every year than any SEC team. Then again, there are 13 other ACC teams that aren’t doing what Clemson has done. So how easy can it be?

Besides, other than Auburn, who else can say they’ve beaten Alabama twice in the past 5 seasons?

I wouldn’t bet against Dabo. He’s the one that got it going.

I know Hog fans will agree that Chad Morris jumped started everything.

Clemson won’t be going anywhere they have got quite a setup over there… really good facilities. They will continue to recruit a high level

And Dabo is a class act in my book. Hope he keeps it going

I really like/admire Dabo. It was reported he was upset when Arkansas fired CCM. I’ll be really surprised if he hires him back.

Ole miss did I think. I just think Clemson will struggle now at least making to the playoffs.

I’d argue deshaun Watson jump started everything.

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I wouldn’t count on it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Billy Napier’s job just got easier, he was specifically tasked with getting back into IMG and recovering the Dan Mullen wrassehole effect that shut the Gators out of IMG. The Gators have long had trouble in Bradenton and Sarasota, but Billy is specifically tasked with being a viable recruiting presence at IMG. I was aroung when it was Nick Bolleteri famous as a school.

One is reported to be interested in Ga. And one is on official visit to Bama after his in home visit with Saban on Friday. Lot’s talent at that school and getting players from there will always be a battle.