Clemson has cut men's track?

A $122 million athletic budget, spends money on football hand over fist including the $55 million football center, and they cut track to save $2 million. Yesterday’s NCAA meet at Tyson would have been the last for Clemson track. But a lawsuit has been filed to reinstate the team, citing a Title IX violation, because without track Clemson would have a lot more female athletes than male athletes.

I don’t think it’s just raw numbers between men and women. I suspect a pretty sound argument can be made that the $$ and resources allocated to men’s sports, football especially as you say, still far outpaces what’s spent on women’s programs. The lawsuit seems pretty meritless, but we will see.

Really hate that colleges are cutting programs like track, swimming, wrestling, etc. These are the feeder systems to US national teams that win medals at the Olympics and World Championships for that sport. And it is not just about wining medals. These sports have allowed many to get college education on scholarships.

In my opinion, if you’re cutting a sport to save less than 2 percent of your athletic budget, you’re not much of an AD. Iowa cut several sports to save less than they paid their football strength coach to go away.


PJ and Swine are both making value added propositions.
Our society- individually and en masse - is diminished
when we aren’t engaged and participating. All our voices and talents add to our overall health.

Once upon a time, on paper at least, coaches were paid by the school and no one imagined a million dollar salary for any coach. Frankly, I feel collegiate sports may be digging thier own graves.

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Some things need to change. These football budgets are outrageous as are the salaries being paid to coaches, especially in the SEC.

It’s a shame. I don’t know the solution, but it’s ridiculous a P5 school would cut track. NCAA probably should require all DI members to carry certain other sports if they’re going to play football or maybe even basketball. Track is one of them.

NCAA requires a certain number of sports for D-I but not which ones. Which is okay with me. A northern school should have hockey but maybe not baseball because the snow doesn’t melt until mid-April. Vandy doesn’t have men’s track either but they have bowling. Kentucky has rifle, and won the NCAA rifle title this weekend. They’re also one of two SEC schools with men’s soccer (Poultry is the other one); I wish we’d join them. They have to play in C-USA for soccer because the SEC doesn’t sponsor it.

I understand certain geographical reasons for some sports, but track isn’t one of them. However, I didn’t realize Vandy did not have track.

Yup, the Dores have XC but not track. There may not be anywhere on campus to put a track. Memorial Gym protrudes into left field of the baseball stadium, and a foul ball to the third base side could land inside Vanderbilt Stadium. That campus is rather cramped.

The Big 12 has nine baseball teams (Iowa State doesn’t). The Big 14 has 13 (Wisconsin). The Pac-12 has 11 (Colorado). Oregon dropped baseball for a while but brought it back after Molester State won its first NC. Cal also dropped it but alumni raised enough money to save it.

Scratch what I said above. They have a track south of their football practice field, and they have a women’s track team. Just not a good one; they finished last in the SEC outdoor in 2019.

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