Clemson gives Dabo a huge raise

Making as much as Nick Saban now; $93 million over the next 10 years. The story I first saw said in 2019 he’ll actually make more than Saban. They are not going to let him leave because of money. Buyout is $4 million for any school besides Alabama, $6 million if it’s Alabama.

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If Alabama wants him, they will pay the $6 million and not blink an eye.

Dabo’s been at Clemson 17 years now…can’t imagine him ever wanting to return to bama to replace a legend, when he is becoming that right where he is. Of course, I couldn’t imagine Rick Barnes entertaining the notion of leaving UT to coach in L.A.

I don’t doubt that, but Clemson will throw another few million at him to get him to stay.

Now I wonder if Saban will coach till he’s 75 To get a raise and be the highest paid college coach ever.