Clemson finally wins at North Carolina

Took a buzzer beater to force overtime, but the Tigers finally win in Chapel Hill 79-76. Now 1-59 all time.

Hilarious! But good to see a team stop the bleeding.

This is great news! I wonder if Wonder boy Roy Williams will have another brash comment about his team after this loss! I could care less if they ever win another game.

I had pulled for Clemson many times when they had more talent and they finally got it done. Probably a bad omen for the football Clemsons.

This North Carolina team is terrible. If there was ever a time to see them in the NCAAT…

Unless they get hot in February, or win the ACCT, they won’t be in the NCAA. NET this morning was 107. BEFORE they lost at home. (Ole Miss was 89th, Clemson was 99th). It’s probably going to take top 40 NET to get in.

Yeah, I thought his comments about how awful his team is was over the line.

I have to agree, but then they go out today and prove him right. This bunch will never live down losing to Clemson. Class after class of Tar Heels has been motivated to keep that zero on Clemson’s record in Carmichael and the Dean Dome.

Maybe they just don’t want to play for him anymore after that? Sounds familiar?

From what I see in the NC media, Roy’s basically right. Without Cole Anthony they have a serious talent deficit. Which makes their annual high recruiting ranking rather suspicious (#9 by 247 last year; it appears that only one of them can play)

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