Clemson 77, Louisville 16

It ws so bad, Dabo’s son scored a touchdown. Clemson rushed for 492 and gained 661 total.

Louisville is now 2-7. Same as our record.

Let me say it again, just in case some of you BP worshippers haven’t figured it out yet.







Doesn’t recruit for it (or anything else), doesn’t want it interfering with his precious offense in practice. He would have been fired here by 2014 just for losing, never mind hiring his mistress, putting her in the quickie office, lying about it and just being a generally loathsome human being.

Could we score 77 on air?

Just stop it. You’re ridiculous. Agenda-driven broken record. His defenses were better than anything we’ve had here recently. I liked Willie Robinson, actually.

He’s had a down year. But feel free to kick him while he’s down. He must’ve done something to you personally.

This isn’t a down year. This is a complete implosion that has been building.

They’re awful on both sides of the ball and he has lost control of the program. He has won ONE game against ranked teams this time around at Louisville and he’s getting routinely boatraced by teams like BC and Wake, much less Clemson, who could have easily scored 100 today. They’re going to go 2-10 and that was their worst loss in 77 years. … 874151002/

He’s toast. You’re about the only person in America who doesn’t think so. … 52289?s=21

And, you’re probably one of about 5 that feel sorry for people piling on him. He has earned this everywhere he has been.

Blame everything on Petrino, just forget about Snuffy Smith, Reggae Bret and the worst AD in the history of Arkansas. Blame Petrino, how stupid can you be?

They are stupid. Enough said.

Another Petrino Derangement Syndrome Rant
It’s been 7 yrs—get over it—-
Your man—BB has left the program in shambles —
Twist off on him for once—

I’ve titled this the GPD

Goofy Petrino Debate

Dead horse and all of that…

Same stupid stuff on Bobby…Move on were 3 head coaches removed

I didn’t start the thread. I responded to a post.

The way thIs will work is I’ll post what I want, you Oost want you want. As long as I’m not breaking the rules, I’ll keep doing that. If you don’t want to read it, don’t read it.

It’s of of interest to plenty of us. He brought us to great heights and was part of our now great lows.

And, I’ve heard since we fired him how he was going to be the next Bear Bryant. So, I think it’s relevant, particularly as we also are suffering (like him) through a 2-10 season.

What’s goofy about it is anyone thinking Petrino wouldn’t be of interest on this board as he implodes and on a day when he had 77 hung on him.

It’s also goofy to make the Elmo comparison when I’ve been on this board for 20 years and whether you agree with me or not) try to at least have a rational, informed opinion and am not a troll (except for WMS scoreboard trolling).

If it bothers you that much feel free to use the ignore button

I’ve said repeatedly he did a lot wrong and deserved to be fired and is a big reason we are in this mess.

Is that “twisting off”? Should I say it again?

Bielema failed. He did a lot of things wrong. He deserved to be fired.

Oh, and Petrino is also getting his teeth kicked in and he’s not what a lot of you claimed that he was.

He gave us some really good years but I’m not sure it was worth what has followed.

I counted about 5 childish name-callings in there. Good work. That’s hard to do in so few words.

The thing I don’t understand about posts like that is you act like it’s a zero sum game. As in most things, our current situation is the fault of lots of people including JLS, Bielema, Long, and Petrino.

But, really, I’m not sure why all the Petrino worshippers are so upset by this thread. Do you really think that on an off week it isn’t going to be a discussion, here, when Petrino had the worst loss at Louisville in 77 years, lost by 61 and missed covering a 40-pt spread by 3 TDs?

Did you all ignore HDN getting boatraced at OM? If Bielema was the coach at Kansas and getting drilled would you be moving on? Of course not.

You’re just salty because it’s your guy and you were wrong about him. It happens. I was that way with Bielema.

Unlike you, I’ve admitted the guy I liked failed and I overrated him.

What’s stupid about what was posted? You don’t agree with it, but it isn’t stupid.

Louisville is one of the worst teams in America, along with us. Gee, what do we have in common? The stink of Petrino.

No one is saying it’s BP’s fault we hired Bielema. But evidence is mounting that what many were saying after BP was fired is turning out to be true. He didn’t recruit & was so condescending to his players that he was going to fail before long. In retrospect, the worst thing we did was hire Petrino. At least that’s the case unless those two good seasons are worth everything that’s happened since. The only good thing Petrino did was prove that we can in fact win in the SEC. But we wouldn’t have won long with him.

And, yeah, Petrino is still a newsworthy topic on this board since some here still bemoan firing him.

All of this.

It’s stupid because he won. HE WON!!!


Aren’t you longing for that now? After 6 freaking years? I sure as hell am. I am tired of watching bad 11:00 am football.

Good gracious. Don’t results count? You fools do retrospect gymnastics to make yourselves feel better about the firing of Petrino. At some point winning has to count. We are Arkansas. It’s never going to be easy. You get a coach that wins, you’d damn sure better keep him.

You fools? That’s perhaps the most condescending jackass thing I’ve seen from any poster on this board. I’m not surprised to see it coming from you, though

I am confident more condescending things have been said on this board, and probably from you. The “condescending”’ part was for effect and emphasis. It served its purpose. At least with you.

… children, I’m locking this thread.