Clearly, Self outcoaches Calipari

Bill Self, with a depleted roster, goes into Rupp and beats Calipari! I’m sure Cal will blame the loss on YOUTH, as he always does. The zone defense Bill threw up just shut KY’s offense down.

Bill Self is one great coach. Cal is just a loud mouthed bag man with very little coaching ability.

Lose Lose Lose! Love it! Big Blue is really blue.

Big difference between a great Coach and good Con Man.

Love Calipari lost, though it would have been better for the SEC in the Challenge. But Self is a great coach. Have known him since his days as an assistant at O-State.

What coulda shoulda be but for wittle Johnny White!

I like CMA and I’m glad he’s here. I’m excited about the recruits he has coming in too. I think we’ll dance this year and continue to make incremental improvements.

With all of that said, I can’t help but think where this program might be if wittle Johnny White hadn’t gotten in the way of Coach Self coming to Fayetteville.

Johnny White was a Cancer for our athletic program.


Calipari is a fraud. He’s built on the premise that he develops players for the NBA at a better clip than other coaches. That isn’t true.

He just simply, by hook and by crook, has signed the best talent. Then, he takes the credit for the hits and blames the misses (and there are a lot more than he and the media will tell you) on others.

Calipari “wins” the draft every year. But, what you don’t hear is about the ones who never make it to the 2nd contract and who, although they were drafted, saw their stock drop or stay the same at UK.

But, I’ll give him credit. He gaslights everyone. I’ve seen it a lot the last few weeks.

He almost always has a big talent advantage, but without fail at halftime and postgame he is going to look into the camera and complain about how young his team is and what a chore it is to win with them.

Meanwhile, he has one NC despite usually having the best talent by far.

As long as he can have the national media carry his water and Malik Monk ball out just as he would have regardless of where he went, the myth of Calipari will continue.

I would have not have felt nearly as scorned if Malik would have went to Kansas.