Clayton Smith

Looks good in a Razorback sweatshirt.

I’m home for Mardi Gras break and at a Texas High event, watching a family friend in a talent contest/play/I don’t honestly know yet, got drug here by my mom. Anyway, first person I saw as I walked in is Clayton Smith, and he’s wearing a hog jacket. That’s a big dude. I’m fairly good sized, 6’2, and he’s noticeably taller than me, so I’d say he’s every bit of the 6’4 he’s listed as.

You go to a school that recognizes Mardi Gras as a holiday

Oh yeah, it’s a big deal. And much needed. Being in NOLA during Mardi Gras is a pain, if you aren’t going to all of the parades.

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Spot on. I hate being in NOLA during this week. I’ve got a conference this upcoming Friday down there, and hoping it’s calmed down some by then. Sheraton on Canal…looking forward to some good eats.

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Dude that’s pretty sweet

From Sept.-

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For sure

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