Clayton Smith OU

Former 4* Texarkana Texas HS OLB will be a portal guy to hogs 2nd semester.

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Where are you hearing this?

Hey I remember that guy.

Big strong physical LB. I’m licking my lips over here🤤.

Too early to reveal sources but will happen :100:


Sounds good to me…

Even after that horrible loss yesterday?

A guy not getting PT elsewhere probably see yesterday’s loss as PT.

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He is coming, hopefully he can help.

He hasn’t played in 2 years, correct?

Hey, that’s what Jimbo is selling!

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Played some as a true freshman, out of rotation this year with Venables taking over.

Richard I know he is in the portal, any updates on Clayton? Hoping USC doesn’t sneak in and nab him.

I thought you and your source were 100%, now you’re asking RD? I’m confused.

He hasn’t announced yet, has he?

He can’t be in the portal right now unless he’s a grad transfer.

Do we think he can make an impact??

I knew of him in HS and he was very highly sought but hard to say. I think he would be a rush end at Arkansas, if he did come.

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Seems like I remember the name… guess we’ll just have to see

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