Clay's two stories from today's PC

On the defense: … big-plays/

On the offense: … ll-needed/

Defense sums it up! You can say 7 big plays bottom line they can’t or don’t play stop the opponent! From coverage on the short throws to stopping the run. Slowing 50 points is absurd

I did not see addressed what was, is and has been my defensive concern since game 1. They do not stop the run. Both A&M and TCU ran at will and FL A&M ran two much for a lower division team. You cannot let a team make 4-6 yds. just running. That will lead to big plays, 50 points, and defeats. Both the A&M and TCU punter had the second half off for the most part. We could not stop the run. Better fix that and fast and it starts up front.

We scored 43 points with really a poor to nonexistant Oline and lost becasue the defense could not get off the field. Simple - stop the run.

We also didn’t hit the QB. We allowed a TRUE freshman and a OL that was supposedly in flux to get comfortable.