Clay's top 10 -

starts with turnovers - and I think whoever wins the turnover battle wins the game. It has been a long time since we’ve had a game with the implications of this one: like it or not, because of this game we are going to be seen as the standard-bearer for the SEC for a brief period of time. The recruiting impact from a Hogs win could also be very significant, and we could find ourselves ranked with a victory. Big, big game IMO

Here you go:


Oh man. I got amped up just reading that. Glad I’m not playing. I’d screw up badly because of the environment and pressure. With a 6 PM kickoff, that’s going to be one long day of waiting. Just hope they hydrate, get some energy food, and bring their best until the clock says 0:00. Go Hogs!

Great Stuff Clay…I do think we will make Texas have to tackle KJ, I expect to see the read option quite a bit and also the QB draw as well.The team that can stop the run and also run the ball wins provided they take care of the ball.

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