Clay's top 10

I was traveling to the game last week and may have missed Clay’s top 10 keys to the game for Colorado State. Clay, are you going to do one for San Jose State?

It is posted on the FB board. Way I found it, click on the FB board, and it’s listed right below this thread (at least it was when I responded).

Thanks. I read that article. It was more about the keys to building a winning program, in all sports, than specifics for the San Jose game. Just curious whether there will be a Top 10 keys to the game as that is always one of my favorite reads of the week.

Okay, I get it now. I thought the last part of the article was about the season more than this game, but now I see that it is keyed to the San Jose game. Thanks.

I had thought the same thing when I first saw it, had to read it twice to realize it’s his keys.

You can also go to Latest News at the top and see everything one writer does. If you want me to break down San Jose State after they had an open date, not sure I can. As they say, this is about how the Razorbacks play.