Clay's Top 10 Keys (LSU)

Here you go: … as-vs-lsu/

I don’t like to post responses to Clay’s “keys”, unless others have, as I view them as so very important to the WholeHogSports service. However, these seem important to me at this juncture for Arkansas football. A Hog W in this game would be Huge for the non-seniors and prospective freshmen. Whether the Hogs play “up” or the Tigers play “down” in this series, there’s always a chance for Arkansas, even when the stats so favor the kids from Red Stick. The Hogs must have a good rushing performance in this game. To me, that means Boyd needs to run for 120+.

Sadly, I feel that the Hogs will not score 20 points, while I think the Tigers will likely score at will…but, I really want a Hog win.