Clay's thoughts from Day 1 of spring football

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Thank you!!!


What # is Sanders? L Jones looks like he has gotten quite a bit thicker looks like he put on 20 lbs! Boy Green is sooo fast and Sanders is right there with him and that’s an OL best friend!!

Rocket Sanders is still #5. Drew is #42

Ok thanks. Hornsby is still at QB, good for him bc we always need a backup of quality to come in…

Just Green’s little inside cuts show massive twitch. I will be shocked if Green doesn’t bloom into being a stud. Nothing against Rocket or Dom. As Clay likes to say we will need them all.


Oh…and watching Haselwood run routes got me really excited. I knew he was a big ole hoss with hands. But he is fluid and has burst in and out of cuts. We will miss Treylon…but not as much as I was afraid we would. So long as he stays heatlhy.

I totally agree, his speed is on a different level. His quickness and acceleration is next level and on top of that he is very hard to tackle just ask Alabama.

Hey Clay, couple things…. First it’s great to have some football back… I sure do miss it when it’s gone…

Now a couple questions, first is a Big Picture type , second is on a specific player…

When you say the team looked impressive on day one , would you attribute that to Jamil Walker and his development of the team? From the video I saw, my gosh we sure did look good!

On Landon Jackson , did you see him, if so how did he look?

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Haselwood is top shelf. I liked everything he did. The back I liked most was Rocket.

Catalon got an INT in two minute. I could not tell who threw it. I was in a corner. Too many people in my way. He was excited to be playing again.

McGlothern is long. And he’s fiesty. Likes to discuss things if you know what I mean. Talks constantly. Extrovert.

Landon Rogers is at wide receiver. Saw him make a nice catch. He is lighter, I think. Looks like a fit there.

Clay What # is McGlothern??

The roster is on the UA site. He is 3.

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It is not HogWeird any more. The official site is . There are official rosters for every team. Click on the menu in the upper left hand corner for links to each sport.

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Ok thanks

Ah yes. Mercifully I’d almost forgotten about Hogweird.

I have to wonder what JFB would have thought about having a social media team within the athletic department. Probably wouldn’t have had much of one.

What would Frank do? Listen to his coaches and get what they needed. He did that at all times. He was a great listener. If a coach said he needed something to help in recruiting, Frank was all about it.

Hard to tell but did it appear that KJ had lost any weight?

From Clay’s article in the opening post: “As far as the eye test, Jefferson has lost a few pounds. Whether or not he’s down to 245, what it says on the roster sheet, isn’t confirmed. But he’s lighter than what it seemed like he was for the Outback Bowl. That’s another positive.”

I almost wrote that sort of a reply but thought I might be viewed as mean.