Clay's take on Colton Jackson … tape-star/

Good report Clay. I am feeling better about Colton and as a former lineman, I understand the preference of one side over another. I’m glad he’s more comfortable back at his “natural” side-It makes a difference. It does sound like this group is serious about protecting Brandon, but I’m still concerned about Froholdt since, according to the article, he thinks Colton is the other guard.

Hjalte knows Colton is at tackle.

Clay good article … One thing that stands out to me is that it was written on 8/5/17… almost a full month before are first game. We have so much practice time to improve and to refine… I think we will see so much more growth and we seem to be starting off at a higher baseline then what we ended at last season…

Also one thing about not having two a days, is we will still be able to get a lift in so we should see a strength increase.
From the pics I’ve seen we look to be in very good physical shape… Wallace and Gibson look like they have BIG hips and Butts, not so much BIG belly’s…Frank and the Dane might be the two of the most in shape 300 plus ath I have ever seen… MONSTERS…

This early practice start will help the OL the most I am thinking…

I was just ribbin’ ya a little bit. Hjalte really looks good and I have high hopes for him this year.

I am glad he has gotten better in his Pass set up becasue this group was really bad in protection last yr,its the run game where I have questions on Colton.just haven’t seen him do much run blocking and that is so importnat at OT because you are setting the edge for outside zone.lot of potential becasue of great feet but not sure he’s strong enough to be a dominant run blocker.

Initially, Colton’s run blocking was better than pass sets. I think he’ll be good in both areas.

awesome that would great !

You make an excellent point. I was worried last year when we were still changing positions a few weeks before the first game. This Oline is so far ahead of where we were last year and I’m talking the starting 5 AND the 2nd string is solid…light years ahead of any 2nd string in recent memory. We have competition on the Oline for the first in a long time. Petrino’s strong and weak side Oline caused extra development issues because it messed with some player’s flipping from side to side in a game.

Competition is better. That’s for sure. I saw some good things from the second offensive line. I thought Jake Raulerson had a good day. There was one play that Raulerson, Zach Rogers and Jalen Merrick moved the inside of the first team for a solid gain straight up the gut. Those are three good players. They may not be the equal of Froholdt, Ragnow and Gibson, but they are good players. I think the drop off is at tackle. Not sure that I see anyone really pushing Wallace and Jackson. Need another tackle to step up on the second bunch.

Clay I’m surprised Ramirez hasn’t made a move he was nasty in run blocking on his highlight tapes.