Clay's State of the Hogs: Pittman will produce toughness

Here you go, a front-page commentary:


As I watched the Pittman introduction on my iPad I had a sudden and unexpected bout with my allergies. Eyes all wet and that kinda stuff. My wife looked over, laughed and called me a “crazy old man”.

When you see a coach standing there with the same passion for the Razorbacks as most of us fans…the allergies take over.

Passion cannot be faked. Sam loves being a Razorback.

And I love that about Sam. Now the work begins.

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LDhog it was obvious how much Coach Pitman wanted the job as HC at Arkansas. It was nice to see a man assume the duties that knew how to call the hogs. He was fan as a kid and told stories that we all share as Hog fans!
They will be tough!

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Good article Clay -

Awesome job Clay! cant wait to see the Freaks we bring in here and then start taking care of business up front!!

Freaks is a fun word to think about. Frank was a freak. He was a 300-pound lineman who ran with the tight ends and linebackers.

Frank was recruited by CSP to. He knows freaks. Hold on can we say that?

Maybe you have to say freakish ability.

Been waiting to see what Clay would write. I knew he would pull up something like calling Frank. That adds so much. And then as always, there were the fly fishing saying. Got to love that. You see some false cast all over the place and then screw up the real thing (I am an expert at that). My Grandfather taught to bring the fly in and put it back where it should be, in or on the water.

Would love to some day get Clay on those big Canadian Northerns in Kamatsi. I wonder what sayings he would have there (last year my wife took a 50 incher on a fly - well bunnie bug).

Good job as per usual. I think you will enjoy covering Sam and we will enjoy reading your coverage. He is just real.

The trip to Kamatsi sounds good, but I have plenty of great water close. I kinda gravitate towards trout anyway. My gear not big enough for the northern pike. When you need pliars to take the hook out, kinda scares me. I want to be the apex predator in the boat, not a fish.

Trout live in beautiful places. I’ve been to some, but a lot more to see while I can still move around (and afford it).

My main thought is to go where I can get there in my truck. I like the freedom of going and coming when I please. Not what others around me want to hear when I say, “I think I’m going home now. Had enough fun.”

Clay…Have you ever fished that river that was in the movie" A River Runs Through It". If so, tell us about it.

I am not a trout fisherman, but grew up fly fishing for bream on Maddox Bay down past St. Charles where the water moccasins were as big as your arms and the gar were, too. Bream, white bass and eagles everywhere.

That’s the Bitterroot. No, I’ve been to Montana the last two summers but not as far west as the Bitteroot. My last two trips were to the Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers. The Bitteroot would be fun. A trip to Oregon would be fun. I’ve heard good things about the Deschutes. But that’s too far for a truck trip.

FYI, on the movie A River Runs Through It, skip all the Brad Pitt stuff and go straight for the book. It’s some of the cleanest, clearest writing you will ever see. It’s not real long and you will finish it quickly. I take it on planes with me just to read something with classic flow. Of course, there is some fly fishing sprinkled in, but a knowledge of fly fishing is not required to enjoy that kind of writing.

I’ve read it a couple of times. It’s excellent. One of my favorites.

OH wrote about Augusta National with some of the cleanest clearest words that brought it to life for me. I thought of OH at my only visit there.

His best work to me.

1st time I ever went to Montana I ended up in the Bitterroot. Thought is was beautiful country. Also 1st time outside a zoo that I saw a Moose (mom and calf) and a Grizzly.

Great story Clay. as always.

LDhawg…I did the same but only here at work and was thankful nobody walked into my office. He related to exactly how I have always felt about the Hogs!!! Now it is time to get to work and pull the freak out of our freakish athletes that we have and the ones we get in the future!!! Time to go to work!!!

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