Clay's skill set


I greatly enjoy reading Clay’s articles. They are always the first thing I look for when I log in. He knows what to ask, who to ask and when to ask. His best articles are when he sets the ball up on the tee with the perfect question and allow his subject to do all of the detailed talking. Clay’s a master in getting his subject to talk and to talk with great insight.


I think I just get lucky a lot. If you wait around long enough, maybe the coaches feel sorry for you and help you out. I do try to think of the question that would get the most out of five or 10 minutes.

One thing I have always noticed with Clay are how many people he knows.

I noticed this often when we have a coaching change and a new coach is hired. He will always know like the single coach or coaches somewhere along the way that helped shape that coach it seems like. Maybe its just something I’ve noticed, but its impressive to me. I remember this with Will Muschamp, and Willie Robinson and others…

The Frank Broyles coaching tree makes it easy to do that. If you’ll look, there is usually someone to call or visit with that tells you about a lot of the new coaches at Arkansas. Sometimes, there isn’t. I haven’t found that on some of the new hires. Oh, well. Maybe on the next one.