Clay's Preseason Position Ratings?

Have the preseason position ratings been published (if so, I’ve missed them)?

Besides the weekly top 10 things during the season, I always look forward to the position rankings.

I’ve got no clue what you are talking about. Never done that as far as I know.

Don’t recall them either Clay.

I have done the interview with coordinators of the player by player evaluations. That was in the June magazine late in May. That’s the only thing that could be similar. We generally run that through the website in early July.

We also did a position by position round table talk. I participated in that and if you look at my name by my picture on the front page, you can scroll down and read those. Other writers contributed, too.

I think Harry does the graded position rankings

Had me scratching my head also.

Ya’ll should have a lot of compassion, too, for my wife.