Clay's Prediction?

I know Clay retired but he still lurks on this board at times. Are we not going to get his prediction for the season this year? I look forward to it every year.

He better hurry


Clay’s article on Hogs+ on this year is fantastic. His mention of OH was priceless.

It is all there. Ha

Hmm, Not easy to locate.

I found it by going to, clicking on the Clay Henry link on the left, and reading the top article. Here is the link to the article:

Spot on for Clay. No one does those quite like he does.

I am at the game today. Do not have any writing chores. I don’t have any chore at all. Jean Ann did not come because we are taking care of dogs this weekend. I am in the press box and can sneak out for the 3-hour drive at any point that I want. Never been in that situation before.


Good for you Clay. I’ll bet there are several scribes envious of you today.

I did write four pieces this week. Two are magazine pieces. I did a Where Are They Now on Webb Hubbell and one on Scott Tabor. I did my predictions column for Hogs+ and also a column for an outdoor website about the fishing tournament from last week. I’ve got one more magazine piece to do before Wednesday, another Where Are They Now so I can be gone for almost two weeks. This is working out how I planned it. Do a little writing, something I love. Do a little radio, something that is not hard. And, get in my fishing, hunting and hanging out with Jean Ann.

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When are you headed out for the Elk Hunt?

Wednesday. I’m starting to make piles and build lists.


If I’m not mistaken, you also recorded a pretty sweet voiceover for a video that played in stadium before the game. :+1:t4:

That was fun. I was honored. Jerry Jones had done it in the past. If I knew how to post it, I would. I put it on Facebook.

I was happy to hear you on the radio the other morning, I’ve always enjoyed your humor and what you add to the show. More Clay and less Tye! :rofl: :rofl:

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