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Here is a commentary on three newcomers - Braydon Webb, Robert Moore and Cole Austin - who are expected to compete for starting jobs this season.

4 weeks

It kind of feels like the weeks are flying. It didn’t seem long ago that I read it was eight Fridays until opening day.

I’m excited for this season to get here for a lot of reasons. I’m obviously looking forward to watching this team play again, but we’re also expecting our second child not long after the season begins. We are ready to meet her!


Very excited to see how this team gels. I’ve been excited ever since we signed Webb, he’s the kind of power that we need in the lineup. I think moore will eventually work his way into the lineup but may take a little time to get adjusted to D1 baseball. Austin is a guy I really don’t know much about so will be curious to see how he does. Really looking forward to seeing our new pitcher’s and the ones we have coming back from last year hopefully they’ve been proved and can take us back to the world series.

A great time in your life Matt!

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Congratulations! Spring this year will bring you a baby girl and the start of baseball season. What is her name?

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We are going to name her Linnie. It’s a variation of a family name that has lasted at least five generations, so it’s a neat deal to extend that.

We named our son after my wife’s grandfathers. We like the idea of having a namesake.

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I remember those days: two in diapers is “loads” of fun!

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That’s cool. In my family that is a trend as well. God has blessed you young man enjoy your babies!

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Awesome Matt! Hope everything goes well with the delivery!

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One of my biggest regrets is not naming my sons with family names. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Glad you are not making the same mistake.

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