Clay's keys to victory (Ole Miss 2019)

Here’s my column for Keys to Victory for the Ole Miss game in Oxford this weekend:

I wonder if Arkansas’ DE play is going to be visibly impacted by the loss of Gerald and, perhaps, Bell? We’re likely playing a Frosh or two on a significant number of downs.

Hate this occurring on the road and against a Rich Rod offense. Still, I’d rather be playing this Reb team this week than, say, 6 weeks out.

“I get a kick out of millennials in the work place,” Garrett said. “They think there are short cuts. There aren’t any and that especially goes with football."

The same can be said for message board posters.

I think that may be your best article Clay,really enjoyed it even though its sad for the team to be in such bad shape… he makes it sound like we still don’t have everybody buying in says we have bad leadership from the older players it will take a while to overcome it.but loved reading all you wrote…great job!

Losing Gerald is a very big loss IMO we don’t have anybody that we can plug in and give us what he could, but is what it is…

I more concerned about injuries to Capps and Jackson. Means completely new OL.

First SEC start for Cunningham, Adcock and Stromberg. That never plays well.

The all SEC DL from Ole Miss could be trouble going up against the freshman.

I think Jackson plays and Stromberg is a very talented kid and works incredibly hard that’s never a bad combination.

Another relevant and enlightening article, Clay. The truth hurts but it is good for true perspective. I think talking to credible sources like Grant, that don’t have an axe to grind, really helps us understand our current situation. He told us what we need know. I don’t think he really said anything that shocked me, sadly. We must have patience. The ONLY thing that will repair the damage done is recruiting, hard work on the kids part(which I’m convinced is now happening), and time(which requires patience and understanding by us). I am going to encourage and support the team the best I can. It’s important for the kids, players and recruits, to feel that love and support. Keep up the great reporting,Clay. Go Hogs!

One more example of why HI is my one stop Razorback news source. Thanks Clay for giving us the perspectives of folks who have been there. Patience is in short supply in todays world.

Grant and his dad are legendary hard workers from my old high school and stomping grounds, take what he says and trust it because he is a straight shooter from a great family. DMac’s wood interview and HDN were post LSU upset and unfortunately did portend another Heisman snub:

Grant and Russ were two of my go-to dudes to find out what happened in the game each week. That was in the days when you could go the locker room. Brandon Burlsworth could provide insight, too, but he was not so talkative. He did his talking on the field.

I like Stromberg’s potential, but right now he’s a 265lb true freshman playing against linemen that outweigh him by 50lbs. It’s a bad combo.

This is great information from Grant Garrett about the state of the program. Thank you Clay for sharing it. It concerns me that there are few fans that will take the time to read a story like this. There are too many words and it won’t fit on a twitter post. Even though most are predicting 5 or 6 wins I have a hard time believing many fans will see hope with 5 wins. I know Hunter Yurachek will have patience but the pressure to make a change will increase this year and each year because the improvement will not be enough. If the Hogs lose to Ole Miss (and chances are at least 50% that we will) the outcry will be loud.

I bet he’s bigger than 265 pounds now because those weights typically are recorded in June or early July, but your point is well taken. I suspect Arkansas will have to do a lot of double teaming between Stromberg and Clary against Benito Jones in the middle of the Ole Miss line.

He is about 285 now. I checked that Wednesday with someone who would know. Ricky is still gaining weight. He will be at 295 before season is over.

Clay or Matt, what is Russ Brown doing now?

Russ lives near where he grew up in Bristow, Okla. He’s done well. I believe he is a financial planner.