Clay's keys to beating Alabama … bama-game/

The hogs need to score on defense to have a chance! Special teams will also need to step up. I think it’s possible but highly unlikely for the hogs to even keep this game close.

Based on my interpretation of the money-line, Arkansas has about a 2% chance of winning. Even so, I might have had hope except Saban is unhappy at how they played against Texas A&M and will get his team playing even better than they would have if the Texas A&M game had not been so close.

Unless Hogs come out with fire, this is going to be ugly. If they come out with fire, we have a chance to keep it close. Not sure we can win it, but I sure hope we make it a game. Unfortunately, all the talk this week about reestablishing the run is not the way to beat Bama. They will crush the run. We may get some yards, but I’ll be surprised if we get more than 150. Passing is the way to beat them and without a strong arm, we aren’t going to have that. AA isn’t going to be 100% with his arm strength. There is no way. Kelley and Storey may have the strength, but this is a heck of a defense to have to cut your teeth. If AA starts, quick passes are the way to go–TE, quick slants, screens, and the occasional deep ball to keep the DBs honest. But, he can’t hold the ball more than 3.5 seconds to have a chance. Gotta be ready to throw, throw hard, and catch the ball.