Clay's keys for the Auburn game

Finishing the Auburn game without suffering injuries is what I’m hoping for! I don’t think the game will be close after Auburn Takes over on offense a couple or times.

Thanks for the in depth story on Bumper Pool and his family. Those are the kind of kids/family that will take the Razorbacks to the next level. and thanks for mentioning the horrible fumble call by the refs. While in the long run it did not affect the outcome, it could have been huge. How everybody watching (including the announcers) could see our guy recover and hand the ball to the ref and they didn’t is crazy. Made me think of Preston Watts at the Liberty Bowl in 1971…

The calls and non-calls by the refs in the A&M game were
indicative of their expectation of who should win the game. They contributed to the Aggie cause.

One thing that I recall about the early two years of the Bobby Petrino era was that he continued to push more young players into the fight. It’s easier to motivate when playing time hangs in the balance and young players will fight to get on the field.

That appears to be what’s happening now.

I like it.:+1: