Clay's Hogs+ article re: all time starting 5

… is great.

You can argue each position (and he does), but I like his final choices.

I can still see Big O lobbing one of those soft, yet accurate, inbound passes. They were things of beauty.

Options about for all time starting five


And he has another great article: Looking back on a century of Razorback basketball.

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Yeah hard to argue with that starting five.

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Shouldn’t this be on the basketball board?

Yes that was an awesome article!!

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Umm, it is.

So who did he pick?

Brewer Sr, Moncreif,joe johnson.Corliss…Big O

I swear I first saw it on the baseball board. Maybe I’m losing my mind.

I like that. Joe and Boothead, the two most talented Hogs ever,

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Those two certainly had game, and a game of horse would have been embarrassing. One shooter of their caliber would likely have us undefeated.

I want what you are drinking. :joy::joy::joy:

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That’s OK, we all have those moments. :smile:

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I have them on an average of twice a day. :joy:

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I never saw Joe Johnson play in person at Arkansas and the two seasons he was there our teams were only a little above average but he had a lengthy career in the NBA. As far as the Hogs go I think I might have gone with Todd Day.

Don’t feel bad. Last season, I posted a little long and slightly controversial post on the basketball board (I thought). Well, when I got back on the board a few hours later, I got mad that someone had deleted my post. I was about to bash the Mods for deleting it. Then, I thought, maybe I should search for the post, so yeah, I found it on the baseball board. Feeling really stupid, I just deleted it and didn’t bother moving it to the basketball board!

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Clay wouldn’t mind that.
From the article: “Of course, Day played the three spot, too. He is the all-time leading scorer and also No. 2 with 271 steals. He played eight NBA seasons. Put him on your team and I can’t argue.”

No, Day is a stud of studs. I won’t argue against Todd. But Joe got us the only SEC tournament title.

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Todd is my all-time most favorite Hog. But this starting 5 is about talent and not popularity. I take Joe over Todd.

While they won the SEC tournament that year, they had a 7-9 SEC record and had to win it to make to the NCAA. They were 19-15 for the year. They got beat in the first round.

Iso Joe had a better NBA career for sure but I think I would have to take Todd. They had a better run in college.

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