Clay's good article summation: Need players

Great breakdown that was true and depressing.

We just don’t have the size or speed to be at the top of SEC in year four of a program.

Not blaming. Just is reality.

How can this program overcome recruiting disadvantages and break this cycle of last twenty years to become a more consistent recruiting power and conference power?

We have had a few good seasons since joining the league but certainly not a more consistent top conference program.

I’m beginning to wonder if it can be done.

I am certainly not a BP fan, but the man certainly was able to take what was there, recruit to his system, and produce a winner. IT CAN BE DONE!!! You just can’t force a square peg into a round hole. For example trying to score from the one yard line in Arlington a few weeks ago where we tried over and over and over and over and over again. I like that coaches that we have. I would like to see some thinking outside the box.

I agree. Good article but depressing. AND what if Wallace and Austin are out with injuries? Not sure we can recover from that but I will be at the Florida game cheering no matter what.

It’s really pathetic to be honest with you. I understand Greenlaw loss being a big blow but has recruiting/development really been so poor that one guy goes down and we’re devoid of any LB’s that can step in and play consistent, winning football in the SEC?

Same thing for safeties…it’s not like Bret has been here 1, 2, or even 3 years. This is the 4th freaking year and it’s painfully obvious we don’t have SEC speed on the back end. It’s not like the OL where you many times need to redshirt to develop strength. There are young, athletic safeties playing all over the country.

Guys, the top of the sec west is at the very top of the country. I also think matchups change from week to week. Auburn’s guards were perfect matchup for Ark tackles. Auburn is not like some spreads. More downhill running. Inside power blockers - guards and center - covered up Taiwan, Jeremiah and Brooks. It was good inside matchup for auburn. Those three inside blockers are really good. And auburn DTs were great matchups for ark guards.

I watch center/guard blocking a lot. That’s where I focus with my field glasses live. Most of the time they take you to the ball. Then if it’s wide and fast I will see the replay. Yes, there were wide plays, but there were more inside plays that showed dominant blocking by Auburn and misses when Ark had the ball.

Again, it’s about specific matchups on those inside guys and it changes week to week. I don’t think they will be like that in the next four games. Different teams have different matchups, especially inside.

It’s about recruiting and development and sticking to it. Doesn’t mean there won’t be some bad days either.

When you spend time in the gulf coast area you realize first how very isolated we are and how that impacts us in recruiting when the athletes and the other schools are so close to each other. This is the best recruiting staff we’ve had in years. But the SEC West of the last 3-4 years is a lot tougher overall than it was even 2-3 years before that. It is not impossible for us, but it sure ain’t easy. Just the facts.

We have to keep developing all positions period. You are also going to have misses when you are dealing with 18-22 year old guys playing against guys their own size and speed.

Coach B’s plan is not a problem at all. I do think we need to add just a sprinkling of spread to our offense just to help our defense practice and be more aggressive on defense. Until we are solid enough to bend and not break I think you have to be unpredictable on both sides of the ball.

Stay the course and keep grinding. I’ll feel better when all of our OL that are playing the majority of the snaps are 21-22 year olds who developed the right way. We’re going to get there, but the trip isn’t for the easily swayed folk.

Clay, one reason that I read this board is because i really enjoy your insight into Razorback Football. You truly have a honest and positive approach to the subject that is informative and easy to understand. When I read your articles, the glass is ALWAYS half full, never half empty. Even in dark times it is very encouraging. So, when you predicted a win at Auburn, I did have high hopes. In fact after reading the verbiage prior to this season, I really felt in the back of my mind that we had a chance to be competitive at every event. Soooooo, when we played Texas A&M, I was a bit discouraged, Alabama was truly humbling, but this Auburn thing was just down right embarrassing. And now, you tell us that we kind of match up better for the games on the latter part of the schedule. I will confess, I am beginning to take what you say with a grain of salt my friend. We grew up in Oak Forest about 5 blocks from each other and I do respect you a lot and still think that your dad hung the moon, but alls I want at this point in my life is like you for our Razorbacks to find the secret to winning again. Maybe you could call Coach and give him some advice. :slight_smile:

I would tell him to sign more linemen. A lot more. And keep signing Safeties and cornerbacks.

Ultimately I believe the o-line will be fine. Maybe not this year. But certainly in the next 2 years. I do believe that. CBB emphasizes it too much.

My bigger worry is linebacker, corner and safety. Especially safety. Oh my goodness.


I do wonder if Liddell is playing with a hurt shoulder. Or a rib. Or something. He avoids contact to an extreme sometimes.

One thing that hasn’t been mentioned much…and that is the emphasis on press man-to-man coverage in the fall. I know way less than Clay, but I do know that corners and sometimes a safety locked up on WR’s in press man aren’t in a position to help with run support nearly as much as zone or even a softer man/zone combo. And eyes aren’t in the backfield. They are on their man. Helps deal with the quick pass game. Hurts with the run support. The killed us against the Aggies.

Greenlaw’s speed allowed him to make up the ground/space from press coverage. Ellis is too slow. Eugene, Ramsey and Harris are too inexperienced but have the speed. The offenses are taking our corners and nickels out wide to leave the middle open, but it isn’t a problem if the LB’s and Safeties are good.

Clay, I have a question. We had a LB with speed last year that broke his leg (J. Williams?). He was actually, in my opinion, a little faster than Greenlaw in space. I thought I saw his name on the 2 deep depth chart several times this year. Is he not fully healed, or is it not the same guy. I’m asking, because he has both speed and experience, why isn’t he in, instead of Scoota (nothing against Harris, but as you said he’s young and learning)?

You are talking about Josh Williams. No, he isn’t fully 100 percent. He also isn’t a speed guy. He is tough between the tackles. But he’s not able to play. I don’t think anyone thought he’d be able to play this year. He did try, but just didn’t have strength in that leg to sustain his play. But, I don’t think you are right about him being a speed guy. That’s not the way I saw him at linebacker. He was a tough guy and strong at plays right at him, not so good in space. That’s why they have him at strong linebacker. That’s a position when a team uses a tight end and you are needing someone to play a heavy linebacker position for power stuff. I think Randy Ramsey is better in that spot because of his speed and versatility.